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Fall 2010

Cross-Country Caring

When 20-somethings travel to Florida in March, spring break parties are often involved. But for best friends and Class of 2006 alumni David Sutton and Bobby Goldstein, an annual trip to Boynton Beach is a special time to contribute to the community.

For three years running, Sutton and Goldstein have joined a Bentley contingent that volunteers for a week with Habitat for Humanity. They got involved with the nonprofit program, which builds affordable homes for low-income families, during their senior year. 

A Career on the Move

For Rich Bozzuto ’00, everyday life with his wife and their toddler is quintessentially American: a walk in the park, a swim in the pool, a trip to the local zoo or aquarium. Only now, that life is unfolding on the streets of Shanghai, China, where Bozzuto works as financial controller for IBM Growth Markets.

It was in 2009 that Bozzuto accepted the job in IBM’s new division, which serves emerging populations beyond Western Europe, North America and Japan. As controller, he manages financial operations and strategic planning for the Growth Market CFO. 

Appetite for Challenge

As shooting guard and captain of the first Bentley women’s basketball team to make the Division II Final Four, Lori (Bender) King flowed easily between offense and defense, team player and team leader. She puts the same versatility into play in her career.

“I joke that I went to college to play basketball and luckily I got a great education,” says King, who is chief operating officer for gourmet food purveyor Stonewall Kitchen. Based in York, Maine, the company averages $45 million a year in sales.

Game Changer

Before you can lead, you have to give people a reason to follow.

That lesson has always hit home for Chris Lynch ’91 MBA, a respected veteran in the technology industry. He specializes in taking businesses to their next phase of development — whether through IPO, growth, or acquisition — and knows the keys to moving an organization onward and upward. 

Talent Scout

Looking for proof of Bentley University’s global reach? Steve DelVecchio ’81 found it across a restaurant table in China.

An executive at PricewaterhouseCoopers, DelVecchio was dining with colleagues from the company’s office in Beijing.

“We were chatting, introducing ourselves, and one gentleman mentioned he graduated from a small business school outside Boston,” he recounts. ‘Which one?’ I asked. ‘Bentley College’ was the reply.”

Great Expectations: Kas Pathomsak MSF '97

For Kasemsit “Kas” Pathomsak ’97 MSF, professional and personal paths are shaped by a single philosophy. “It’s easy to go along and conform to what’s been done,” he says. “But the easiest thing is never the best thing.”

His ready embrace of challenge inspired a recent honor from Bentley. In April 2010, Pathomsak arrived on campus from his native Thailand to receive the President’s Distinguished Executive in Residence award. His stay involved serving as a resource for current students interested in his career field of choice: international finance.

The Push and Pull of History

History, it is said, is written by the winners. At the dawn of the modern era, those authors were the great colonial powers. The nations of Europe, and later the United States, fired up the machines and know-how of the Industrial Revolution and carved out economic empires across the world.

A new book by Associate Professor of History Cyrus Veeser tells another side of the story.

From the Rainforest to Cedar Hill

Words matter to Dan Everett. The university’s new dean of arts and sciences spent years in the Amazon River jungle, studying language and its broader cultural meaning. He has been quick to master the Bentley lexicon.

“The arts and sciences is more than just a service unit to support business,” observes Everett, who assumed the deanship on July 1. “It’s an integral part of the Bentley experience.”


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