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Spring 2010

Spirited Success: Brett Bell '05 and Phil Mastroianni '05

Students who study abroad often distill lasting insights. The experience inspired distilling of a different sort for Phil Mastroianni ’05 (far left) and Brett Bell ’05, who have launched their own brand of a traditional Italian liqueur.The two former Accountancy majors, friends since day one at Bentley, studied in Florence, Italy, during their junior year.“We fell in love with the place,” Bell recalls. Between studies they traveled widely, including to the village of Platania in the country’s Calabria region, where Mastroianni’s grandparents grew up and many relatives remain.

Smart Move: Hiep Nguyen '05, '07 MST

Hiep Nguyen knew it was time to go home.The double Falcon (’05 BSA, ’07 MST) was working at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston when his father died in 2007. Leaving his mother alone in the family’s home neighborhood of Dorchester was not a viable option. Drawn both by family obligation and business opportunity, Nguyen moved back home and hung out a shingle. His accounting firm opened on Dorchester Ave.

Head of the Class: Woody Benson '80

On Thursday nights last fall, Woody Benson ’80 couldn’t sleep. But it wasn’t new investments or business ideas stealing shuteye from the award-winning venture capitalist. It was residual energy from teaching Bentley MBA students in the Corporate Immersion program.“Being in front of a class is really invigorating,” says Benson, an investor with Prism VentureWorks and high-tech industry veteran of 30 years.

Leading Lights

Thanks to a generous $1.125 million gift to Bentley, undergraduate women will be able to prepare for some of the toughest issues facing them in the workplace. Parent donors Pam and Jack Cumming have earmarked their support for pioneering programs to develop leadership skills in young women.

High-Energy Balancing Act: Janice DiPietro '79

Janice DiPietro ’79 isn’t happy doing a single thing — only several at a time will do.Any given moment might find her presenting to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, meeting with fellow members of the Bentley Executive Club Board of Directors, and helping to plan her eldest daughter’s wedding. These commitments are on top of her day-to-day role as a managing partner with the consulting practice of Tatum LLC.“I’m really high energy,” she says.

Media Tap Bentley Experts

Associated Press.  Aaron Jackson, associate professor of economics, comments on an AP analysis of federal spending to stimulate the U.S. economy. “I’d be skeptical about putting too much more money into a second stimulus,” he observes, “until we’ve seen broader effects from the first stimulus.” Others to pick up the story: The New York Times, ABC News, CBS News, MSN Money, and Yahoo (January 11, 2010).U.S.

Tribute to Determination: Paul Grassia ’69

In 1990, Paul Grassia was a rising corporate executive with a corner office when tragedy struck: A massive stroke left the 43-year-old paralyzed on one side. Instead of conceding defeat, Grassia turned his energies to regaining basic skills and pursuing a longtime dream. Today, the alumnus known professionally as Paul G. has found success as a Neil Diamond tribute singer and author of the book A Stroke of Luck.Did you perform while you were at Bentley? The 1969 yearbook has pictures of me singing in Bentley talent shows.

Double Helping of Insight for Biotech

Sometimes, a hearty collaboration starts with something as simple as a good lunch.Three years ago, Bentley Assistant Professor of Finance Irving Morgan (left) had a research paper starting to simmer. He ran into Fred Ledley in the faculty cafeteria and asked the professor of natural and applied sciences to review some initial findings. Ledley liked what he saw, and suggested working together at some point.This winter, the pair finished a project with potential to help the biotechnology industry integrate the best practices of science and business.

Atlas Maps Women’s Lives

Anyone looking for vivid lessons on women’s lives – from the impact of the beauty culture to wage inequalities to domestic violence – will find them in The Penguin Atlas of Women in the World (Penguin Books, 2009) by Professor and Chair of Global Studies Joni Seager.Now in its fourth edition, the atlas uses eye-catching maps to present otherwise dry data.


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