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Spring/Summer 2012

Greg Wilcox

Vice President, Client Services, BNY MellonMelrose, Mass.On the always changing world of business . . .There is one constant in both business and in life: change. During my 20 years in the financial services sector, the business environment has shifted dramatically, especially due to geo-political factors and emerging technologies. A business education from Bentley prepared me for the ever-changing world of finance and helped me develop a successful career in the process.On staying involved. .

Redefining the Bentley Brand

If you were asked by a friend, co-worker or neighbor to describe Bentley in a word or phrase, what would you say? What are the key strengths or attributes that define Bentley and what are its points of differentiation from other colleges and universities? What areas of increased focus offer the opportunity to build Bentley an even stronger position in the marketplace?These questions have kept a lot of people busy over the last year.

Tech Apprentice Maria Sofia Samayoa ’12

Emotions were running high. The field of 30 contestants had narrowed to three — all vying to be named the “Tech Apprentice” in Bentley’s take on the TV show made famous by billionaire Donald Trump. The prize: a three-month internship with marketing firm Allen & Gerritsen.The competition engaged a diverse mix of players: business and media students, the Center for Marketing Technology and Bentley TV, marketing faculty and corporate executives.

Taking It to the Streets

The students-turned-teachers for this year’s taxpayer workshops included, from left, senior Accountancy majors Xi (Cissy) Chen, Jeffrey Eldridge, Michele Chamberlain, Amon Mohammadi, and Rosa Zarate.Learning travels both ways in taxpayer workshopsFifteen undergraduates arrive at the LaCava Center, laptops loaded with PowerPoint presentations, folders filled with handouts. These students in Bentley’s Advanced Taxation course have exhaustively researched their assigned topics, and practiced fielding questions with their professor and classmates.

The Green Team

Trends may change, but green is still the new black at Bentley. Student leaders aim to make sustainability the social norm among peers. An expanded Eco-Reps program is among the latest salvos in students’ battle for eco-consciousness. 

This year boasts the largest attendance at weekly meetings since the program’s launch in 2009. Twenty-five students represent 23 residence halls and aim to change habits in living spaces.

New Majors Prepped for Take-off

Four new undergraduate majors are set to launch in September, each a star in its own right. But connecting them all is a commitment to preparing graduates to shine.

Actuarial Science, Public Policy, Spanish Studies, and Sustainability Science. The topics are compelling on their own – and even more so when coupled with business know-how. Each of Bentley’s new offerings requires a companion major or minor in Business Studies.  

Source of Inspiration

How do you teach a course whose subject matter won’t sit still? If you’re Bentley CIS professor James Pepe, you make the curriculum as open to innovation as the technology being covered.The resulting course — Android Application Development — delivers a hands-on, hard-core look at the popular smartphone operating system. Students learn how it works, then apply the lessons to create their own Android applications. Pepe taught the course in the past two spring semesters.


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