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Alumni Profiles

Authentic Advocate: Bryan Parsons '97

Bryan Parsons '97 is working to redefine equality in corporate America. As associate director of risk management at Ernst & Young and an activist for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) equality, he understands the benefits of an inclusive workplace for companies and individuals.

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My (Giving) Back Story

I want to do everything I can to ensure other women benefit from the same level of support I received while working to reach my potential as a female business leader. For me, this includes joining my fellow female partners who lead a group called AWARE [Advancing Women by Attracting, Retaining and Empowering].

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The Prospector

Bring on your innovative concepts, early-stage business models, and creative entrepreneurs! Venture capital investor Paul Flanagan ’86 thrives on unleashing the value in a good idea and helping to build a great company around it. And his track record speaks for itself.

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Kavanaugh Comes Home

Back in 2003, Bill Kavanagh was a co-captain of the first-ever Bentley football team to earn a berth in the Division II national playoffs. This season, the Class of 2004 Falcon returns to roost as the squad’s head coach – the first alumnus ever to occupy the post.

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Master Strokes: Tom Catalini '90

For Museum of Fine Arts Boston CIO Tom Catalini ’90, art appreciation doesn’t necessarily begin in the exhibition halls and galleries of the storied institution where he works. It often starts even closer at hand for someone with a penchant for all things tech: on his iPad.

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Digital Dexterity

How does a global company build brand loyalty? Which new product has the greatest chance of success? Where should advertising dollars be allocated, in times when potential customers may no longer be watching TV?

While once a CEO’s hunch might have driven business decision-making, today’s companies seek answers from digital analytics — and from experts in the field like Terri Kochersperger ’83.

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Multitasking 2.0

Running two companies in tandem isn’t easy, but Adam Brazg ’10 has developed a knack for balancing his time. It helps that one of the ventures is an online collaboration tool that Brazg and his business partner created to manage their own workflow.

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