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Faculty Focus

The Shape of Education to Come

Bentley authors share their experience developing curricula that combine the study of business, social and natural sciences, humanities and the arts. The result is part road map, part call to action.

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The Business Case for Science Literacy

On March 14, in Washington, D.C., a group of business school educators and administrators gathered at the National Academy of Sciences with leaders from the private and public sectors to discuss an unlikely topic: climate change education for future business leaders.

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Media Tap Bentley Experts

Faculty and others are quoted on the work-readiness gap among millennials, women as business leaders, top-down ethical decision-making, and other timely topics.

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Lessons of Brotherhood

In Tim Anderson’s Sociology of Native American Peoples course, there is no final exam. No cramming, no summary of facts, no recitation of acquired knowledge. Instead, students write a final paper answering one question.

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