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Media Tap Bentley Experts


This article originally appeared in the Bentley Magazine.

Media Tap Bentley Experts

“We're beginning to see the leading edge of a time when a university is no longer defined by bricks and mortar at a set location with a set faculty. This notion of learning communities not defined by place is the way the market is going to go.”

Bill Gribbons, Program Director, MS in Human Factors in Information Design

Times Higher Education (UK), June 7, 2012


“…I searched and I searched – in order to find a college that would allow me to thrive as an entrepreneur. I found Bentley and it was a great fit. I majored in Finance, built my business from my dorm room, and by the time I graduated I had a thriving company with an office in Burlington, Mass.”

Scott Smigler ’04, President, Exclusive Concepts; Founder, Conversions on Demand

BostInno, May 31, 2012


“Their [millennials’] online activity is often hyper-focused on a narrow set of interests, following specific topics and engaging people with similar interests…. As a result, they create carefully manicured online reflections of self that help their peers identify them.”

Ian Cross, Director, Center for Marketing Technology

Worcester Telegram-Gazette, July 29, 2012


“Pursuit of the liberal arts is not enough in today’s economy. I am not downplaying critical thinking, but I am advocating the need to pair it with a marketable skill. At my institution, business students are required to take half of their courses in the arts and sciences. It is this blending, this mix, that matters.”

Susan Brennan, Executive Director, University Career Services

Huffington Post, July 3, 2012


“Corporate America is shifting to this acknowledgment that our workers are whole human beings; that we have families and children and lives. Companies that are embracing that notion will do a better job of retaining women and the millennial generation. This is her journey. Why not assume she’s gotten to where she is at 37 years old because she can manage her life?”

Betsy Myers, Founding Director, Center for Women and Business, commenting on Yahoo hiring Marissa Mayer as chief executive while she is pregnant

Boston Herald, July 18, 2012


by Meredith Mason  September 12, 2017

U.S. News & World Report ranked Bentley No. 2 among regional universities in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, up from No. 3 last year, highlighting Bentley’s high-quality faculty and academic programs along with the strong value that students receive from a Bentley education.



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