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New Assets for Development Team

The Bentley Fund has a new director. William Bennett joined the Development, Corporate and Alumni Relations division in the spring semester after 18 years at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., where he was director of alumni relations and the Clark Fund.

A priority on Bennett’s to-do list is helping to build alumni participation in the Bentley Fund. Annual donors to the fund support all areas of campus life: scholarships and financial aid, academic programs, faculty research, technology initiatives, student organizations and activities, and more.

The spring also brought a promotion for Development team member Megan McAuley, a Double Falcon who earned her Bentley BS in 1998 and MBA in 2004. She joined the Alumni Relations staff in 1999 and, in 2004, began working with the President’s Club. McAuley has played a key role in expanding the ranks of this giving society, which comprises annual donors of $1,000 or more. For more information:

Bill Bennett
Tel: 781.891.2040     E-mail:

Megan McAuley
Tel: 781.891.2067    E-mail: