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What do you watch?

Written by: 
Susan Simpson, Editor

The question hasn’t quite replaced “What do you do?” as a go-to conversation starter, but the moment may be close at hand. In a television landscape packed with options, the shows we select to fill downtime become a personal statement, a revealing read on personality and character. Know “My List “on Netflix, know me. The explosion of choice for TV viewers is both a driver and byproduct of change in the entertainment industry. In our cover story, a handful of alumni and faculty examine forces changing the script for old-guard movie studios, television networks, even the Broadway stage. You’ll also meet some new players on the scene. Another feature introduces cinematographer Sam Ameen ’84, who sheds light on the director of photography role. His approach to the craft springs from years as a combat photographer in Afghanistan, where working as part of a team had literal life-and-death consequences. Closer to home, we highlight the fight to improve diversity in high-tech fields. A nonprofit founded by Eval Silvera ’99 builds the talent pipeline by making computer coding affordable, rewarding and, yes, entertaining for middle schoolers. I hope this preview puts Bentley Magazine on your must-see list. Please know we’re always eager to have your feedback on the topics featured and your ideas for stories to tell in upcoming issues. Reach out by phone, email or your favorite social platform. Stay well and stay in touch.

Susan Simpson