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Open Enrollment: Any person who has a high school diploma or GED (equivalency) may register for an evening credit course if the prospective student has been out of high school for two or more years* and has satisfied particular course pre-requisite requirements. Admission into a course, however, does not in any way imply admission into a program.

*Summer Session enrollment does not impose a graduation date restriction.

Matriculation: "Matriculation" is the formal admission procedure for adult part-time students. Students who are (1) new to college and have graduated from high school two or more years ago; and (2) transfer students who graduated four or more years ago and wish to pursue part-time study will be admitted through the Office of Academic Services. An "Application for Admission", with a $35 fee, must be filed as follows:

A transfer student who has completed a minimum of five courses (or equivalent of one full-time semester) elsewhere and has a minimum GPA from their previous institution(s) of 2.8 from a two-year or open admission college, 2.7 from an AACSB International or equally selective institution may be admitted immediately upon receipt of the "Application for Admission" and all official transcripts. Application and transcripts should be directed to the Office of Academic Services. Early matriculation students must complete three Bentley courses as a part-time evening student and earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 before transferring to full-time day status.

A student who is either new to college or does not meet the above criteria may be admitted based upon course work at Bentley as follows:

  • Certificate program: Upon completion of 6 Bentley credits in areas of certificate, Minimum GPA: 2.0.
  • Bachelor degree: Upon completion of 15 Bentley credits including EXP 101 or equivalent and MA 123 or equivalent. Minimum GPA: 2.5.

Although transfer credit may be used to satisfy the Expository Writing or Math matriculation requirement, matriculation is based on Bentley courses only — the Bentley GPA. If a student transfers in the Expository Writing or Math, then other Bentley courses must be completed to total five courses.

All students matriculating into a degree or certificate program must provide the following documentation:

For a Bachelor’s degree: a high school transcript or official letter of verification of high school graduation or verification of equivalency (G.E.D.) or

For a Bachelor’s degree:
college transcript indicating award of Associate degree or

For a Certificate program:
college transcript indicating award of Bachelor degree

Transfer Credit

Although transfer credit operations are centralized in the Transfer Credit Office of the Undergraduate Admissions Office, the Office of Academic Services handles the initial work and completes the process. 


Want to learn more about the Evening Program?  Call 781.891.2803 to arrange an appointment with an advisor.

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