Advisor Biographies

Hometown: Devens, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.S. in Business Administration, University of Maine

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.S. Adult Education, University of Southern Maine

Leslie Doolittle is an Assistant Dean and Director of Academic Support Services in the Office of Academic Services. During her career in higher education, she has worked in Orientation, Residence Life, and Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions. She's been at Bentley for 15 years and has a unique role on campus. She works with students across the academic performance continuum, working with students who are in academic difficulty, as well as coordinating advising initiatives for Honors Program students. Leslie directs the OAS Peer Tutoring Program, oversees Bentley’s Progress Reporting System, and works as a resource for students, faculty, and staff across campus. Among other activities on campus, she teaches First Year Seminar for honors students, teaches Strategies for Academic Success for probationary students, and is an active member of the University’s LGBTQ Committee.

Leslie loves Bentley, our students, and her role on campus. There is little that is more fulfilling to her than assisting Bentley students in developing and realizing their goals.

Outside of her work at Bentley, Leslie is a member of the Devens Educational Advisory Committee and is Co-Chair of the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee in Harvard, MA. She loves reading, listening to music, dance, Pilates, and supporting Bentley athletic teams. Leslie lives in Devens and is the mother of two sons.




Hometown: Saugus, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A., Colgate University, Sociology and African American Studies

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.P.S., Cornell University, Africana Studies; M.A., Brandeis University, American History; Ph.D. (A.B.D), Brandeis University, American History

PJ has mixed working in service to students with his personal studies since he was an undergrad himself.  In college, he served as a Resident Advisor and a Head Resident, leading a team of four RAs.  After college, he held professional positions in residence life at Emerson College and Tufts University before enrolling in graduate studies in American History at Brandeis University in 2002.  While taking graduate courses at Brandeis, he served as an advisor and mentor to a group of 10 students selected by Brandeis and the Posse Foundation to receive full tuition scholarships in recognition of their outstanding leadership skills.  In 2007, he began advising full time, serving first as the Advisor to the First Year Class, before being promoted to Director of Class Based Advising.  In December of 2012, PJ accepted the offer to move across town and fill the role of Assistant Dean of Academic Services & Director of the Academic Advising Center.  In addition to his work with Bentley students, PJ is currently working on his Ph.D. dissertation which focuses on the history of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, specifically examining continuity and change at the prison in the wake of the civil rights movement and the federal court's intervention in the governance of the prison in the 1970s.  He is also a novice wood turner, devoted husband, and an enthusiastic uncle and godfather.



  • Campus Address:  Lindsay 21
  • Phone Number:  781.891.2092
  • Email Address:

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A. Anthropology and English Literature; SUNY Plattsburgh

Graduate Degree & Institution: Master of Science in Education; University of Pennsylvania

Advising Interests: Working with diverse populations; Promoting campus diversity initiatives

Henrietta Genfi began working at Bentley in 2006, after completing her Master’s Degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Henrietta originally planned to work as a school counselor at an elementary school, but realized she wanted to work with college students after interning as an advisor while in graduate school. Henrietta enjoys helping students figure out how to coordinate all of the academic opportunities available to them at Bentley, and working closely with students who are struggling academically.  Her dedication to students and academic advising was publicly acknowledged when she was chosen by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) for an Excellence in Academic Advising Award in the New England region.  In 2011, she was promoted to Assistant Director of the Advising Center.

In her free time, Henrietta enjoys reading, watching movies, avoiding exercise, and eating. Henrietta is also interested in American Sign Language (ASL) and has worked as an ASL tutor in the past.

Hometown: Billerica, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A. English/Secondary Education; Merrimack College

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.Ed. in Higher Education in Students Affairs; Salem State College

Melissa Jenkins joined the Academic Advising Center as a graduate intern in the fall of 2007 and spent the academic year immersing herself in the Bentley community.  Following her graduation from Salem State, Melissa accepted a full-time position in the AAC in July, 2008 as an academic advisor and was promoted to Assistant Director in 2011.

Prior to joining us, Melissa spent several years as an adjunct faculty member at Middlesex Community College.  Through her work and graduate program experience, she has developed a passion for advising students and assisting them in reaching their educational, career, and personal goals.  She has embraced the opportunity to continue her work with the students, faculty, and staff at Bentley University and was recently chosen by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) for an Excellence in Academic Advising Award in the New England region.

Outside of her work at Bentley, Melissa volunteers her time working with Robert J. Farrell Jr. Memorial Giving Fund and the American Cancer Society.   She enjoys reading, watching her favorite local sports teams and spending time with her family.

Hometown: Peabody, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.S.W; Salem State College

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.Ed. in Higher Education in Student Affairs; Salem State College

Meghan joined the Academic Services team in September 2009 as a graduate intern specializing in academic support services.  She worked very closely with the Peer Tutoring program, the Strategies for Academic Success seminar, and did one-on-one advising with students.  She accepted a position as a full-time advisor in September 2010.  Meghan enjoys working with each student to find a unique balance and combination of challenge, support, and motivation they need in order to succeed, develop, and flourish throughout their college career.

Outside of work Meghan enjoys reading, swimming, live music, watching movies, dancing, singing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Amy Weber- Academic Advisor

  • Campus Address:  Lindsay 21
  • Phone Number: 781.891.2832
  • Email Address:

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A. Spanish; Tufts University

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language; Pennsylvania State University

Amy Weber joined the Academic Advising Center at Bentley University in the summer of 2011.  She received her undergraduate degree from Tufts University.  While at Tufts, she took advantage of the Study Abroad program and spent a semester in Spain.  Initially planning on a teaching career, she went to The Pennsylvania State University to earn her Master of Arts in Teaching as a Second Language.  After teaching ESL for three years, she decided that she wanted to work with college students in more of an advising role than a teaching role.  She began work at Salem State College in 1996 as a Program Advisor in the Student Life Division.  Amy spent 9 years working full-time at Salem State, holding several positions within the academic administration.  In 2005, she left her full-time job to care for a new daughter, but she continued to work part-time at the college, as an academic adviser and as the coordinator of the Life Experience Credit program.   Since joining the Office of Academic  Services at Bentley University Amy has worked part-time as an academic advisor and works with the Peer Tutoring Program.  In her free time, Amy enjoys reading, traveling, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

Amy Player-Smith- Graduate Intern

  • Campus Address:  Lindsay 21

Hometown: Ipswich MA
Undergraduate Degree and Institution:  BA in Journalism/Advertising at University of Kentucky
Graduate Degree & Institution: Current Grad Student, M.Ed. in Higher Education in Students Affairs; Salem State College, Anticipated Graduation Date May ‘14

Amy joined the Academic Advising Center in the fall of 2013 as a graduate intern. She will be contributing to the office through one-on-one advising, special program initiatives and assisting students discover and attain their academic and career aspirations.

After undergrad, Amy moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream of becoming an actress. While there, she also volunteered her time as a mentor for at-risk youth where she discovered her real passion of advising and mentoring students. 

For the past 10 years she has worked in the real estate industry advising prospective home buyers while raising her two children. Her master’s program may be a change of career but her experience and passion are now combined.  Upon completion of her master’s program, Amy will seek a permanent position in academic advising.


Year:  Junior
Major: Marketing
Minor: Finance

Hometown:  Cape Cod, MA

How did you pick your major:  During my sophomore year of high school I began working at a small gift shop in my hometown. What began as a summer job quickly became much more. I was able to work closely with the owner, exposing me to all aspects of running a business. It quickly became clear to me that I loved marketing! From the creation of print ads to social media campaigns and buying at national gift shows, I enjoyed the unique mix of creativity and analysis needed in the field.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley:  GB 112 & 212 because I had a wonderful professor who truly cares about her students.

Internship(s): Corporate Merchandising Intern, The TJX Companies

Bentley student activities you have been involved in:  Bentley Women’s Center, Campus Activities Board, Bentley Marketing Association

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor:  Choosing classes can be confusing, especially for students with majors, minors, and LSMs. As peer advisors, we have struggled with some of the same issues as you are. From quick questions to helping you plan your four years, we are here to help you in whatever you need. Not to mention, we are friendly!

One piece of advice you have for students: Get to know your professors! Go to their office hours or talk to them after class. Most of them really want to get to know their students and can be great resources for you in the future. 


Ross Denkin - Peer Advisor

Year: Senior
Major: Actuarial Science
Minor(s): Finance, Management

Hometown: Newtown, PA

How did you pick your major: I like math and most other people don't! When I visited on Accepted Students day I was steered down the actuary path and they just added this major!

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: Actuarial topics in Probability and Risk Management (MA 310), Discrete Probability (MA 243H) 

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Intramurals, Volleyball Game event staff.

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: Students should visit a peer advisor if they have any questions about their future courses. It's nice to have a fellow student perspective on the issue, and an experienced one.

One piece of advice you have for students: If you can, study abroad!  There is little chance that you'll have the same opportunity again.


Abigail (Abbie) Marques - Peer Advisor

Year: Junior
Major: Managerial Economics with a Marketing Concentration
LSM: American Perspectives

Hometown: Mashpee, MA

How did you pick your major:  Since taking my first economics course at Bentley, I have grown to absolutely love the subject. I am fascinated by the constant changes in the market and understanding why those changes occur. Further, I have loved studying marketing since high school. This major offered me the ability to combine these two things I enjoy so much.

Favorite Class you have taken at Bentley:  I have enjoyed taking several classes at Bentley, but my favorite course was The Economic History of the US with Professor Stern. This course combined my love of history and economics and it was taught by an excellent professor. I found it interesting how the economy, through the use of new technologies, and various major historical events, has evolved into the economy we know today.

Bentley Activities: Best Buddies, Work Study for Spiritual Life Center

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor:  We understand how difficult and stressful it can be as you choose courses; choose majors, LSMs, and minors! We are students just like you who have dealt with all of these obstacles and we are willing and able to help you get through it! We can offer words of encouragement and some perspective on some of these challenges to help you make the most out of your four years at Bentley.

One piece of advice:  Get involved! Make the most out of your four years here at Bentley. These four years go by so fast, so make the most of it by meeting new people, finding what you love to do, getting involved in various organizations, and most of all, have fun!


Year: Junior
Major(s): Actuarial Science and Business Studies
Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Scituate, MA

How did you pick your major: When I came to Bentley I had no idea what I wanted to major in. The only thing I was sure of was that I loved math and I was good at it. After taking a few math classes, one of my math professors introduced me to the actuarial career path and I found it both interesting and challenging. I like it because it involves a LOT of math, but also combines other aspects of business such as finance and economics.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class I have taken at Bentley has been Discrete Probability (MA 243H). It was the first probability course I had ever taken and it was extremely challenging. However, the professor was phenomenal and I feel I have learned more from that class than any other class here. Another course that was extremely interesting was Literature of the Spiritual Journey (LIT 230). This was a class I was not expecting to like as much as I did. I fell in love with it because it opened my eyes to the different religions and cultures around the world and I have gained a deeper appreciation for a diverse group of people. We also meditated every day, which was awesome!

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Service Learning Fourth-Credit Participant and Volunteer every semester at Bentley, Secretary of Mathematical Sciences Club, Certified Bentley Leadership Program, Intramural Sports  

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: Students should visit a peer advisor with any questions they have about picking classes or a major/minor. Talking to a peer advisor, a student that understands the pressures of college because we have experienced them (and still are!) can help ease your stress. A peer advisor can help you choose which path you want to go down, while making sure requirements are satisfied.

One piece of advice you have for students: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Professors, Career Services, Academic Advising, etc. are all here to help you succeed. More often than not a question you have is one that other students have as well. Take advantage of everything the campus has to offer.

Year:  Senior
Major: Marketing
Minor: IDCC and Psychology

Hometown:  Peabody, Massachusetts

How did you pick your major:  I’ve always really enjoyed the more creative classes throughout middle and high school and after completing GB 112/212 I confirmed Accounting and Finance was NOT for me. I fell in love with Marketing after taking  GB 214 and have since embraced the challenge and ambiguity that comes with Marketing; there are no “right” or “wrong” answers but always room for improvement. Plus, a job in Marketing definitely fits my personality and what I’m looking for in a career.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class I’ve taken so far is IDCC 390A, Business of Social Media. Social media is an up and coming marketing tool that I’m really interested in, and the professor made the material so entertaining and animated. The assignments really encouraged us to put what we learned in the classroom to use.

Internship(s): The Kraft Sports Group, Arch Creative Group, the Boston Celtics.

Bentley student activities you have been involved in:  I have been involved with the Student Government Association and was an Orientation Leader in June of 2011. I am a student ambassador and the President of the Women’s Bentley Ultimate Society. I also work in the Office of Financial Aid and participated in the service learning program, One Goal, One Community: Anti-Bullying Campaign.

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: Choosing courses, majors, minors, LSMs, and schedules can be crucial decisions to your college career. Having a fellow peer who’s been through the process and has an insider perspective can really help you make your decision. Peer advisors are really just another great resource here at Bentley that students should take advantage of.

One piece of advice you have for students: Get involved! The sooner you get involved, the more time you have to explore. You’ll never know who you can meet and what opportunities can surface if you don’t. There are amazing people at Bentley with incredible stories, but you’ll never know them if you don’t get involved!

Year: Junior
Major: Corporate Finance & Accounting
LSM: Quantitative Perspective

Hometown: Lynnfield, Massachusetts

How did you pick your major: Math was always my strong suit, but I wanted to major in something that was both quantitative and applicable to the corporate world. After taking GB 212 I was fascinated by how finance and accounting were related to one another that I decided to become a Corporate Finance & Accounting major to further my understanding of both areas.  

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class at Bentley so far is Practice & Application in Accounting and Finance (GB 212). GB 212 is the first class I have been able to truly connect accounting and finance together. Many of the concepts I learned in this class have been reviewed in both my higher level Accounting and Finance courses. 

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Delta Sigma Pi, Certified Bentley Leader, South Asian Students Association, Vietnamese Students Association, ALANA Leader 2012, Orientation Leader 2012, Volleyball Intramurals

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: Many students seek guidance from upperclassmen on matters such as course registration and major decisions. Therefore, students should visit a peer advisor because we are upperclassmen that are specifically trained to answer and inform them about specific requirements. We also have experienced and most likely had the same questions regarding academics throughout our journey at Bentley University.

One piece of advice you have for students: Join organizations on campus that interest you and be a part of the Executive Board to demonstrate leadership skills!