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Advisor Biographies

Cathy Carlson - Associate Dean, Academic Services

Hometown: Paoli, PA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A. Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, Communications

Graduate Degrees & Institutions: M.Ed.D. Penn State University, State College, PA, Counseling, Higher Education
                                                         Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), University of Vermont, Burlington, VT,
                                                         Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Cathy has worked in higher education for many years. She started out in Residential Life at the Penn State, Altoona Campus, and then transitioned to working in Career Services at Connecticut College and the University of Connecticut. After ten years in the field, Cathy returned to school to work on her doctorate at the University of Vermont. While in her doctoral program, she worked as the Premed/Prelaw advisor at the UVM Career Center.

After completing her doctorate, Cathy took an administrative role at Community College of Vermont where she directed the operations of five of the college’s sites. Cathy then worked on a Vermont state grant to develop high school career academies in five high schools in southern Vermont. In 2005, Cathy returned to UVM to direct the Student Services office at the School of Business Administration where she worked until coming to Bentley in August, 2013. 

Cathy has two sons who are both current college students, one at UVM and the other at St. Joseph’s College of Maine. She enjoys gardening (flowers more than vegetables), reading mysteries and loves animals and has 7 pets herself.


Hometown: Devens, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.S. in Business Administration, University of Maine

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.S. Adult Education, University of Southern Maine

Leslie Doolittle is an Assistant Dean and Director of Academic Support Services in the Office of Academic Services. During her career in higher education, she has worked in Orientation, Residence Life, and Undergraduate and Graduate Admission. She's been at Bentley for 17 years and has a unique role on campus. She works with students across the academic performance continuum, working with students who are in academic difficulty, as well as coordinating advising initiatives for Honors Program students. Leslie directs the OAS Peer Tutoring Program, oversees Bentley’s Progress Reporting System, and works as a resource for students, faculty, and staff across campus. Among other activities on campus, she teaches Strategies for Academic Success for probationary students, works with our STEP Students in the summer teaching them Life Skills, and is an active member of the University’s LGBTQ Committee. In 2010, Leslie was awarded the Founder’s Day Award, which celebrates and recognizes an employee who has had significant positive impact on the Bentley community and gone above and beyond in her role with the University.

Leslie loves Bentley, our students, and her role on campus. There is little that is more fulfilling to her than assisting Bentley students in developing and realizing their goals.

Outside of her work at Bentley, Leslie loves reading, music, dance, Pilates, and supporting Bentley athletic teams. Leslie lives in Devens and is the mother of two sons.


Campus Address:  2nd Floor Callahan/University Police Building
Phone Number:  781.891.2004
Email Address:

Hometown: Sudbury, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A. Social Rehabilitation; Assumption College

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling; Assumption College

Stephanie is the Associate Director of Disability Services in the Office of Academic Services.  She received her master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Assumption College and is certified as well as licensed as a Rehabilitation Counselor.  Prior to Bentley, Stephanie worked at a therapeutic after school program and a day and residential school for students with disabilities.

Stephanie has worked with disability services at Bentley for 7 years.  In addition to directing the academic accommodation process, Stephanie coordinates a mentoring program called Eye-to-Eye and advises the Delta Alpha Pi honor society, which recognizes the academic accomplishments of students with disabilities.  She is interested in issues of disability, diversity, and mental health.

Stephanie lives with her husband and two sons, one of whom has four legs and fur.  She enjoys reading, working out, dancing, and relaxing on Cape Cod.

Stephanie Russo- Assistant Director, Disability Services

  • Campus Address:  2nd Floor Callahan/University Police Building
  • Phone Number:  781-891-2004
  • Email:

Hometown:  Bedford, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution:  B.A. in Elementary Education and English (double major), Stonehill College

Graduate Degree & Institution:  M.Ed. in Higher Education, Student Affairs, Salem State University

Stephanie Russo is the Assistant Director of Disability Services in the Office of Academic Services.  She received her Master’s Degree in Higher Education, Student Affairs from Salem State University in 2012.  Prior to Bentley, Stephanie spent four years working in Accessibility Services at Harvard Law School.  Stephanie is passionate about accessible education and enjoys working with students in a higher education setting.

Outside of her work at Bentley, Stephanie enjoys spending time outdoors.  In particular, she is a big fan of kayaking, hiking, and relaxing by the ocean.  She also loves to cook for family and friends; especially if it involves Italian food. 

PJ Dickson- Assistant Dean/Director, Academic Advising Center

Hometown: Saugus, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A., Colgate University, Sociology and African American Studies

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.P.S., Cornell University, Africana Studies; M.A., Brandeis University, American History; Ph.D. (A.B.D), Brandeis University, American History

PJ has mixed working in service to students with his personal studies since he was an undergrad himself.  In college, he served as a Resident Advisor and a Head Resident, leading a team of four RAs.  After college, he held professional positions in residence life at Emerson College and Tufts University before enrolling in graduate studies in American History at Brandeis University in 2002.  While taking graduate courses at Brandeis, he served as an advisor and mentor to a group of 10 students selected by Brandeis and the Posse Foundation to receive full tuition scholarships in recognition of their outstanding leadership skills.  In 2007, he began advising full time, serving first as the Advisor to the First Year Class, before being promoted to Director of Class Based Advising.  In December of 2012, PJ accepted the offer to move across town and fill the role of Assistant Dean of Academic Services & Director of the Academic Advising Center.  In addition to his work with Bentley students, PJ is currently working on his Ph.D. dissertation which focuses on the history of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, specifically examining continuity and change at the prison in the wake of the civil rights movement and the federal court's intervention in the governance of the prison in the 1970s.  He is also a novice wood turner, devoted husband, and an enthusiastic uncle and godfather.

Hometown: Billerica, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A. English/Secondary Education; Merrimack College

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.Ed. in Higher Education in Students Affairs; Salem State College

Melissa Jenkins joined the Academic Advising Center as a graduate intern in the fall of 2007 and spent the academic year immersing herself in the Bentley community.  Following her graduation from Salem State, Melissa accepted a full-time position in the AAC in July, 2008 as an academic advisor and was promoted to Assistant Director in 2011.

Prior to joining us, Melissa spent several years as an adjunct faculty member at Middlesex Community College.  Through her work and graduate program experience, she has developed a passion for advising students and assisting them in reaching their educational, career, and personal goals.  She has embraced the opportunity to continue her work with the students, faculty, and staff at Bentley University and was recently chosen by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) for an Excellence in Academic Advising Award in the New England region.

Outside of her work at Bentley, Melissa volunteers her time working with Robert J. Farrell Jr. Memorial Giving Fund and the American Cancer Society.   She enjoys reading, watching her favorite local sports teams and spending time with her family.

Hometown: Peabody, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.S.W; Salem State College

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.Ed. in Higher Education in Student Affairs; Salem State College

Meghan joined the Academic Services team in September 2009 as a graduate intern specializing in academic support services.  In September 2010 she accepted a position as a full-time advisor, and was promoted to Senior Academic Advisor in February 2014.  In addition to general advising, Meghan enjoys her work with transfer students, facilitating the Strategies for Academic Success seminar, and coordinating the social media platforms for the office.  She is passionate about equal access to resources and ensuring students needs are met.  Meghan enjoys working with each student to find a unique balance of challenge, support, and motivation they need in order to succeed, develop, and flourish throughout their college career.  

Outside of work Meghan enjoys reading, live music, watching movies, yoga, dancing, singing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Amy Weber- Academic Advisor

  • Campus Address:  Lindsay 21
  • Phone Number: 781.891.2832
  • Email Address:

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Undergraduate Degree & Institution: B.A. Spanish; Tufts University

Graduate Degree & Institution: M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language; Pennsylvania State University

Amy Weber joined the Academic Advising Center at Bentley University in the summer of 2011.  She received her undergraduate degree from Tufts University.  While at Tufts, she took advantage of the Study Abroad program and spent a semester in Spain.  Initially planning on a teaching career, she went to The Pennsylvania State University to earn her Master of Arts in Teaching as a Second Language.  After teaching ESL for three years, she decided that she wanted to work with college students in more of an advising role than a teaching role.  She began work at Salem State College in 1996 as a Program Advisor in the Student Life Division.  Amy spent 9 years working full-time at Salem State, holding several positions within the academic administration.  In 2005, she left her full-time job to care for a new daughter, but she continued to work part-time at the college, as an academic adviser and as the coordinator of the Life Experience Credit program.   Since joining the Office of Academic  Services at Bentley University Amy has worked part-time as an academic advisor and works with the Peer Tutoring Program.  In her free time, Amy enjoys reading, traveling, watching movies, and spending time with her family.


Valerie Como- Senior Academic Advisor

  • Campus Address: Lindsay 21
  • Phone Number: 781.891.2246         

Hometown: Narragansett, RI

Undergraduate Degree & Institution:  B.S. in Management, Bentley University

Graduate Degree & Institution:  pursuing M.Ed., Higher Education in Student Affairs, Salem State University

Valerie officially joined the Office of Academic Services in 2016, after serving as a graduate intern in fall 2015 and collaborating with the advising team for eight years in her transfer admission counselor role.  In addition to her experience conducting the credit evaluation process for new transfer and first-year students, she also served on the university’s curriculum committees.  Since 2011, she has served as a Transfer Seminar instructor, helping students make the transition to Bentley and then serving as their academic advisor.  She enjoys being a resource for students looking to make the most of their time and opportunities at Bentley, and supporting them in their efforts to meet their goals. 

In her free time, she can often be found working out, staying current with both the news and pop culture, and seeing musicals.  She is a fan of all things British and is eager to make another trip to the U.K. with her husband, who is also a Bentley alum.

Year: Senior
Major: Information Systems Audit and Control

Hometown: Mendon, MA

How did you pick your major: I started out switching between Accounting and CFA, but I always knew I wanted to incorporate computers somehow.  One day during my sophomore year, I ran into one of my professors who ended up talking to me about the ISAC major.  After that, I knew it was the right major for me.

Favorite Class you have taken at Bentley: My Expository Writing 201 course.  In it, we were given the opportunity to work with a local nonprofit company as an embedded service learning option.  Our goal was to write a grant proposal to a charitable organization in an effort to find these nonprofit organizations funding that they needed to continue to operate.  Our group worked with the Dana Court Learning Center, and having the chance to meet the children that benefitted from its services and then the chance to try to make a positive impact on their experience there was an incredible and rewarding experience

Internship: Technology Summer Scholar, Deloitte Consulting

Bentley Student Activities you have been involved in: Bentley Triathlon Team

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: The peer advisors have a lot of great experience dealing with the same issues that every student at Bentley faces, and they’re always more than happy to share those experiences and offer guidance to students who ask for it.

One piece of advice you have for students: Don’t forget to take a step back every once in a while and look at the big picture.  It’s easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to classes, exams, term papers, and group projects, and sometimes it seems like the rest of your life depends on getting a good grade on a final.  Chances are it probably doesn’t, and there are a lot of more important things in life when you focus on the big picture, like friends, family, and doing the things that make you happy.  Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you’re here, because four years flies by a lot faster than we like to admit.  


Cara Partridge - Peer Advisor

Year: Sophomore
Major: Actuarial Science
Minor(s): Finance and Business Studies

Hometown:  Pittsfield, MA

How did you pick your major:  Coming into Bentley, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in but I loved math and had heard about the growing Actuarial program. After taking a few math courses and talking with some professors, I found that it seemed like the perfect fit for me.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley:  MA 139 was one of my first classes here and one of my favorites. I also loved GB 110 Honors. It was challenging and pushed me out of my comfort zone, especially with the moot court projects.

Internship(s): Business Banking Intern, Greylock Federal Credit Union; Actuarial Intern, Liberty Mutual

Bentley student activities you have been involved in:  Bentley Women’s Rugby, Service-Learning 4th Credit, Certified Bentley Leaders, Intramurals

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor:  Picking classes can be confusing and it can be difficult to know what your requirements are and how to meet them. Peer advisors can help you with these questions and relate to the stresses and pressures you’re under. They are a convenient resource for any questions that pop up and are always happy to help.

One piece of advice you have for students: Don’t wait to get involved! There’s something for everyone at Bentley. There’s a lot of opportunity to grow and meet new people simply by putting yourself out there.

Amanda Pine- Peer Advisor

Year: Junior
Major: Economics and Finance
Minors: Management and Law

Hometown: Suffield, CT

How did you pick your major: I have always enjoyed economics classes ever since I took microeconomics in high school. I also found the financial aspects of GB112 and 212 really interesting. I decided on economics and finance as a major so I could focus on both of these interests and gain a well-rounded knowledge of the factors that influence markets and economies.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class that I have taken at Bentley is LA402, or Moot Court. This class gave me the opportunity to compete in both a regional and national competition in which I prepared arguments related to constitutional law and argued them in front of judges. This class vastly improved my public speaking skills and my ability to think on my feet. I would definitely recommend moot court to anyone interested in law and academic competitions.

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Bentley Speech and Debate Society, Moot Court, Adamian Law Club, Residence Hall Association, Colleges Against Cancer, Student Ambassador Program

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: Selecting majors, minors, and classes is not an easy task, and it can be especially stressful when you think about all of the requirements necessary to graduate from Bentley. Peer advisors are available to help take away some of that stress, and are great resources that can help answer any questions students might have. We are very willing to help out, especially since we are students who know exactly what you are going through!

One piece of advice you have for students: Don’t be afraid to get involved in extracurricular activities in college. Many of my best experiences at Bentley have been related to the clubs and organizations I joined on campus. They can truly help you grow as a person and are a great way to meet people.

Sarah Plis - Peer Advisor

Year: '15, '16G
Major: Accounting
Minor(s): Law & Psychology

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

How did you pick your major: When I came to Bentley I was already thinking about majoring in accounting after taking a basic accounting course in high school.  However, it wasn’t until after I took some additional business courses at Bentley that I realized accounting was the one I was most interested it, and also the one that played into my strengths.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class taken at Bentley was my business law class, LA 210. The class combined a variety of my interests, and is why I decided to minor in law.

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Delta Sigma PI, Study abroad peer advisor, intramurals

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: Students should visit a peer advisor because we have experienced many of the same issues, or have had many of the same questions as you. Choosing courses, majors, minors, and LSM can be a stressful and difficult process sometimes. Having someone help you through it who understands, and has been there recently can be very beneficial.

One piece of advice you have for students: Get involved on campus in something that both interests and challenges you. College is the time to try things you have always wanted to, but to also grow and develop as a person.  Find an organization, activity, or group that will allow you to accomplish both.


Greeshma Rajeev - Peer Advisor

Year: Senior
Major: Managerial Economics with a concentration in Economic Analysis
Minor: English

Hometown: Cochin, India

How did you pick your major: I fell in love with Economics after the first class I took in college. I love drawing graphs and analyzing them to get a sense of what is going on in the economy. It’s the problem-solving aspect that appeals to me the most. Also, it’s a universal concept and can be applied to various disciplines.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My EXP 201 professor made us write and revise until our pieces were perfect. I could truly connect with her and learnt so much from the class. She opened our eyes up to a diverse range of issues and ensured that the students in the class really got to know each other. I would take that class every semester if I could.

Internship(s): Risk Management Intern, Dunkin Brands

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: South Asian Student Association, Association of Bentley Activities, Bentley Service Learning Center Volunteer and Fourth Credit Participant, HerCampus, Vanguard

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: Peer advisors are students and therefore, know exactly what a fellow student is going through. During registration time, many of us seek guidance from upperclassmen and academic advisors. Peer Advisors are a useful combination of the two. Also, they’re accessible and friendly, and always willing to help!


Jenna Schulman- Peer Advisor

Year: Senior
Major: Actuarial Science
Minor(s): Business Studies, Finance
LSM:  Global Perspectives

Hometown: Freehold, NJ

How did you pick your major: When I first came to Bentley I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I knew that I loved math but for some reason started down an economics path. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that one of my math professors introduced me to a degree in Actuarial Science and I could not be more grateful. I now get to take a lot of challenging math classes, something that I find interesting and absolutely love.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class at Bentley has been Calculus III (MA 233). It was the first true college math class I took, and it really made me realize just how much I love numbers and problem solving. Also, I had an amazing professor who genuinely cared about her students and was always there to help.

Bentley student activities you have been involved in:  Service Learning Project Manager, Intramural Sports, Campus Activities Board, Habitat for Humanities

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor:  As students ourselves we know just how stressful choosing courses, majors, and minors can be. Having someone who is going through a similar situation makes the process a little less daunting. Whether it is a quick question or planning your classes, we are always happy to help.  

One piece of advice you have for students:  Get to know your professors and use them outside of the classroom. We are fortunate enough to go to a school where professors know us by name and truly care about our accomplishments. They can act as guides and mentors if you let them! 

Tammy Vo- Peer Advisor

Year: '15, '16G
Major: B.S. Corporate Finance & Accounting with an LSM in Quantitative Perspective
            M.S. Financial Planning (in progress)

Hometown: Lynnfield, Massachusetts

How did you pick your major: Math was always my strong suit, but I wanted to major in something that was both quantitative and applicable to the corporate world. After taking GB 212 I was fascinated by how finance and accounting were related to one another that I decided to become a Corporate Finance & Accounting major to further my understanding of both areas.  

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class at Bentley so far is Practice & Application in Accounting and Finance (GB 212). GB 212 is the first class I have been able to truly connect accounting and finance together. Many of the concepts I learned in this class have been review in both my higher level Accounting and Finance courses. 

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Delta Sigma Pi, Certified Bentley Leader, South Asian Students Association, Vietnamese Students Association, ALANA Leader 2012, Orientation Leader 2012, Volleyball Intramurals

Reasons why students should visit a peer advisor: Many students seek guidance from upperclassmen on matters such as course registration and major decisions. Therefore, students should visit a peer advisor because we are upperclassmen that are specifically trained to answer and inform them about specific requirements. We also have experienced and most likely had the same questions regarding academics throughout our journey at Bentley University.

One piece of advice you have for students: Join organizations on campus that interest you and be a part of the Executive Board to demonstrate leadership skills!