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Concentration Certificate In Accountancy


Concentration Certificate In Accountancy

This certificate consists of the Introductory Accountancy sequence followed by the eight advanced courses that constitute the undergraduate major in Accountancy.

Degree Requirement Summary

Required Courses:            

AC 310 Cost Management
AC 311 Financial Accounting & Reporting I      
AC 312 Financial Accounting & Reporting II 
AC 412 Advanced Accounting 
AC 340 Accounting Information Systems 
AC 350 Federal Taxation 
AC 470 or AC 472 Financial Statement Auditing or Internal Auditing
AC Restricted Elective*

*Choose One:
AC 410 Advanced Cost Accounting
AC 331 Accounting for Governmental and Not for Profit Organizations
AC 332 Fraud Examination
AC 450 Advanced Federal Taxation 
AC 475 Information Technology Auditing 
AC 381 International Accounting 
AC 421 Internship 
AC 440 Advanced Accounting Information Systems


GB 112 Financial Accounting and Reporting I
GB 212 Practice & Applications in Accounting and Finance

Be sure to note the pre-requisite structure of this program, particularly the requirement that AC340 be completed prior to the AC Auditing Course.  Note that there is a computer prerequisite for AC340—CS210 or GB 203. Students who have  a high degree of competency in CS may petition the CIS department for waiver of the CS pre-requisite.

CPA Preparation: It is strongly recommended that students who are preparing for the CPA exam take AC361 as their elective because it covers a good deal of corporate law.  In addition, students who do not have a strong background in business should consider taking additional law courses prior to sitting for the CPA exam.  A CPA review course is highly recommended.

Transfer Policy: A minimum of 18 credits in advanced Accountancy courses must be completed at Bentley.

Course Repeats: The College has a special “course repeat” policy for “old” Accountancy courses that are more than seven years old.  We do get a fair number of students who attended Bentley School of Accountancy and completed AC 11 and 12, or an Associate or Bachelor’s candidate with AC111 and 112.  In many cases, it makes sense for the student to retake the course, particularly if s/he has not been working in the field.  Please be sure that the students understand this policy! To determine whether or not a repeat is in the your best interest, contact Prof. Chris Nolder, AAC 224, x. 2470.