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Course Away

Course Away Policies

Course Away Request Form (PDF Fill-In)

Once enrolled at Bentley, you are allowed to complete a certain amount of approved courses at other schools for transfer credit toward your Bentley program.

Course Away Checklist:

  • Obtain course schedule and course description from school you plan to attend.
  • Choose courses to take, keeping in mind the Bentley requirements you need to fulfill.
  • Choose alternate courses for Course Away review, in case your first choice(s) is not available.
  • Submit completed Course Away Form to Lindsay 21 with a copy of:
    • the course description
    • your current official DAS or Degree Works Audit (available on MyBentley)
  • Receive notification of whether your Course Away request was granted or denied.
  • After completing the course, you must have an official transcript sent to:

Bentley University, Office of the Registrar
Course Away, 111 Rauch
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA 02452

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Course Away Policies:

  • Courses must be approved in writing by the Office of Academic Services in advance of the course being taken. 

  • Full-time day students are permitted to take courses away only during interim periods between semesters (i.e., during summer and winter session). Please note: Permission to take courses outside of Bentley during fall or spring semesters will only be granted for students with extenuating circumstances and for compelling reasons. Requests to take courses during fall or spring semesters must be accompanied by an Academic Petition.

  • A minimum grade of 2.0 (C) must be earned in order for the course taken away to be eligible for course away credit. Please note: Only the course away credits (TR) will appear on your Bentley transcript rather than the actual grade.

  • Once enrolled at Bentley, students can transfer in (through Course Away) up to 10% of their Bentley program from other institutions. Please note: Students must complete a minimum of 60 credits at Bentley to meet graduation requirements.

  • Students may transfer no more than a total of 6 credits into their major.

  • Students may transfer a maximum of 3 credits into a minor.

  • Students taking courses at institutions outside of the United States, but in their home country, must have the courses reviewed and approved by the Office of Academic Services. Students taking courses at institutions outside of the U.S., but not in their home country, must have the courses approved by the Office of International Education.

  • Courses must be credit-bearing courses and may not duplicate previous coursework. Please note: CEU (Continuing Education Unit) courses are not transferable.

  • Upper-level business courses must be taken at an AACSB-accredited college or university. For a listing of AACSB-accredited institutions, please see the AACSB website at

  • For seniors intending to graduate in May and who are approved to take courses away in the spring semester, official transcripts must be received in time to be processed prior to graduation. (Please see the Registrar’s Office for deadlines and special instructions.)

  • Students are encouraged to have alternative courses reviewed through course away in the event that the first choice becomes unavailable.

  • The following courses may not be taken away:
    GB 110, 112, 212, 213, 214, 215, 310, 320, 410
    GB 301
    GB 401
    AC 340, CS 360, COM 210 (IDCC majors only), EC 381, EC 391, FI 351, MG 240, and MK 400 (Marketing Majors/Minors Only)

  • Course Focus Requirements may not be transferred in.

  • For the Course Away Form to be considered complete, the form must be accompanied by the following:

    • a course description, and
    • a copy of your DAS/DRS or Degree Works Audit


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