Faculty Mentor Program

Learn from the Best!  Meet new professors!  Start Networking! 
Utilize your resources!  Learn more about your field!



Faculty mentors are a group of specially selected professors with diverse backgrounds and an abundance of experience and knowledge in their particular field.


The faculty mentoring program allows Bentley students to use professors as exploratory and advisory resources.  The faculty’s expertise within their chosen fields allows students to benefit from their knowledge of career options, course options, and research opportunities.


The student and faculty mentor will determine where to meet.


Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty mentor when they declare a major.


The faculty mentoring program allows students to make strong departmental connections.  The FMP also allows students to receive accurate and valuable information about various areas of interest as well as help making intelligent choices when choosing major courses.


Students can choose professors from a list of faculty mentors in their department of interest by clicking the link below.

Faculty Mentor Guide