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Frequently Asked Questions for Evening Students

  1. What is distinctive about Bentley University?
  2. Where does the part-time program fit?
  3. Does Bentley offer flexible scheduling?


  4. What is Bentley’s admission criteria?
  5. What are my options for admission matriculation?
  6. Do you accept transfer credit from other schools?
  7. Can I receive credit for work experience?
  8. Who may apply for credit through assessment?
  9. Is there a limit to the number of courses that can be satisfied through APL?
  10. Are there other methods of obtaining APL credit?


  11. Am I eligible to apply for financial aid?


  12. How do I register for courses?
  13. May I take courses without being enrolled in a degree program?
  14. Will I have an opportunity to pursue a minor?


  15. Are there advisers available to help me understand my program options?
  16. Where can I turn for extra help with a specific course?
  17. What does your library offer? 


  18. When I finish my degree, will Bentley help with my job search?


  1.    Bentley’s focus on business education and technology draws on its longtime strengths while also breaking new ground to prepare students for the technology-driven nature of business today. Students have the opportunity to combine majors in a number of business areas with studies in the arts and sciences, or to pursue an arts and sciences major with a minor in business. Our specialized facilities include an on-site financial Trading Room that features a ticker-tape display of real-time market data, and up-to-the minute financial news from Bloomberg and Reuters. The $20 million Smith Academic Technology Center serves as the locus for business and information technology initiatives on campus. 
  2.    Many of Bentley’s outstanding bachelor degree programs are available in the evening. Working professionals and adults returning to college may access Bentley’s undergraduate degree programs as part-time evening students through the Office of Academic Services. Enrollment is open to adults who are high school graduates and have been out of high school for a minimum of four years. Students who are new to college or require a short-term goal may pursue an associate degree.  Professionals who have already completed a bachelor degree may wish to pursue a business-related concentration certificate, take courses in preparation for graduate work, or enroll in individual undergraduate courses to enhance professional development. 
  3.    We offer a wide variety of scheduling options. In the fall and spring semesters, most classes meet one evening a week for 15 weeks. Saturday intensive classes are also offered, meeting from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for five weeks. Our Wintersession and May intensive courses are week-long, meeting Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In the summer, classes usually meet twice a week for six weeks; we also offer a “Five Fridays” option as part of Summer Session II.
  4.    To be formally admitted to a program of study, all part-time evening students must submit an Application for Admission to the Office of Academic Services (LaCava Campus Center, Room 298), along with a nonrefundable $35 fee. 

    The following documents are required. 

    For students pursuing a bachelor’s or associate’s degree:

    Official transcript verifying high school graduation or equivalency; and Official transcripts from all colleges attended. 

    Students who graduated from high school at least two years ago may apply to pursue their program of study on a part-time basis. 

    Students who have completed college course work prior to attending Bentley may be eligible for transfer credit. 

    Students who have graduated from high school within the last year must apply for admission through the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Call 781.892.2244 for details. 

    Students who are taking courses for professional development, pre-MBA, or transfer to another institution may complete up to 15 credits without submitting a formal application.

    For students pursuing a certificate program:
    Official college transcript verifying completion of bachelor’s degree.

  5.    Bentley University offers several options for admission:  

    Early matriculation. 

    Qualified transfer applicants who have completed a minimum of five courses (or an equivalent full semester) elsewhere with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.8 or higher may be admitted upon submission of official transcripts from all previous colleges attended. For early matriculation, an Application for Admission must be submitted prior to or concurrent with course registration. A student admitted through Early Matriculation who wishes to become a full-time day student must first complete a minimum of nine credits at Bentley as a part-time evening student, achieving a minimum  2.0 GPA. 

    Matriculation through Bentley course work. 

    Bentley University’s open enrollment policy enables individuals who have earned a high school diploma or  GED at least four years ago to begin a program of study by simply registering for part-time evening courses through the Office of Academic Services, LaCava Campus Center, Room 298. Initial enrollment in courses, however does not constitute admission to a Bentley program. Recognizing the personal and professional life changes that may have influenced an adult student’s decision to attend college, we have established admission requirements that are based on a rigorous and fair assessment of students’ present academic achievement at Bentley rather than past achievement. All students are encouraged to meet with an academic adviser to initiate the formal admission process. The Application for Admission must be submitted during the semester in which the student is completing matriculation requirements.
    For admission to a bachelor’s degree program. 

    Completion of 15 Bentley credits with a minimum  2.5 GPA, including the first semester of expository writing and Mathematics I, is required for admission through standard matriculation. If transfer credit is received for expository writing and/or college algebra, other courses may be taken toward the matriculation requirement. Official transcripts must be provided for evaluation of transfer credit.  

    For admission to a concentration certificate program.  Requires completion of six Bentley credits in the certificate field, with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students must hold a bachelor’s degree in any field before being admitted to a certificate program (official transcripts must be provided). International students who intend to pursue a certificate full time must submit a TOEFL score with a minimum score of 550.  

    For admission as a “special student” or non-degree status.  Students who do not wish to pursue a degree or certificate but want to take more than 15 credits in preparation for graduate study or for personal or professional development must apply for “special student” status after completion of 15 credits.

  6.    We accept transfer credit for many courses taken at accredited institutions for which a minimum grade of 2.0 (C) has been achieved. Courses are reviewed individually for similarity of content to Bentley courses and applicability of such courses to your intended program of study. To avoid repeating a course for which you may receive transfer credit, students with potential credit are encouraged to meet with an adviser before registering for their first Bentley course to receive a preliminary transfer evaluation. To initiate an official transfer evaluation, you should request that official transcripts be sent from the registrar of each previously attended institution to: 
    Bentley University, Office of Academic Services, Transfer Assistant, LIN 21, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA 02452-4705.

    Any upper-division business course taken at a school not accredited by the AACSB International-The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business must be validated to be transferred to a bachelor’s degree in a business discipline. 

    Students required to validate a course may do so by: 

    taking an appropriately designated sequential course and earning at least a 2.0 (C) grade; or  achieving a sufficient score in a specially prepared departmental validation examination. 

    There is no fee assessed for validation examinations, nor is there any fee beyond the normal tuition charge for sequential course validation.

  7.     You may apply for “assessment of prior learning” (APL), which enables qualified students to demonstrate (through portfolio development) learning accomplished through non-classroom settings. This may include, but is not limited to, professional development, corporate training programs, seminars, and certification programs. It is important to remember that credit is based on learning that has been obtained through work or other experience- it is not the experience itself that is creditable.
  8.    This program is designed specifically for adult students, as defined by work and life experience, who have been formally admitted to either a bachelor degree or certificate program. Students must have a minimum of five years’ business experience that demonstrates professional growth before application for credit.
  9.    The limit on all non-classroom credit is 30 credits. This includes portfolio development, CLEP or Regents examinations, departmental proficiency examinations, and ACE/PONSI. In addition, only two courses may be applied to your major or con­centration In the six-course certificate programs, only one course may be satisfied through assessment of prior learning. 
  10.    There are three other avenues for obtaining APL credit:

    CLEP and Regents Examinations are standardized tests available through the College Board and Regents College. Bentley University will award credit for a number of courses.  

    Proficiency Examinations are course-specific, designed by Bentley faculty to verify learning equivalency for an exact Bentley course Proficiency examinations are not available for all courses. Students may contact an academic depart­ment directly for proficiency examination options.  

    ACE/PONSI is a national program within the American Council on Education’s Center for Adult Learning and Educational Credentials, which provides academic credit recommendations for training programs. Bentley University recognizes ACE evaluations and will make every effort to award credit when appropriate. 

    Academic advisors in the Office of Academic Services, Lindsayr, Room 21, are available to discuss all of our credit options. To schedule an appointment, call 781.891.2803. 

  11.    Matriculated students are eligible to apply for a range of financial aid programs. Students who are not eligible for early matriculation or unable to enroll in six credits may be eligible for a student loan through CITIASSIST or KEYLOAN. 

    Individuals interested in exploring financial aid opportunities should contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 781.891.3441.

  12.    To register for your first course at Bentley, simply complete the Registration Form available at the back of the Part-time Evening Schedule book and mail or fax it to the Registrar’s Office. After this initial registration, you will be assigned a Bentley ID number. Once you have this, subsequent registrations must be done on MyBentley.

  13.    Yes, you are welcome to enroll as non-degree, visiting, or undecided, as long as you have been out of high school for a minimum of four years. You may take up to 15 credits before submitting an application for admission. If you would like to take more than 15 credits, we require you to apply as a “special student.” Summer sessions are open to all students who have completed high school or a GED certificate. 

  14.    Bentley offers minors in a variety of academic disciplines, including computer information systems, communication and interdisciplinary studies, that draw on a number of disciplines. Minors normally comprise 12 credits and make use of available elective slots. Ability to pursue a minor will vary, depending on the amount and type of transfer credit applied toward your degree.

  15.    The Office of Academic Services in LaCava, Room 298, is the administrative and advising center for adult students. Academic advisors can work with you individually to discuss admission criteria, program options, transfer credit, and academic policies and procedures. We are open on Wednesday evenings until 7:00 p.m. to accommodate the needs of adults who work full time during the day. In addition, each academic department designates a faculty member to serve as the primary advisor for adult students. These faculty members are crucial resources as you develop the focus of your major.

  16.    Academic Learning Resource Centers staffed by tutors are available to assist students in accounting, economics-finance, writing, statistics, and mathematics. The ACELAB (Accounting Center for Electronic Learning and Business Measurement) and CLIC (Center for Languages and International Collaboration) offer computer- based assistance.

  17.    The Bentley Library offers a variety of resources, collections and services, most notably, extensive business, tax and career collections. Professional librarians assist in researching projects, locating resources, and producing original materials. They also teach research methods one-on-one or in classroom settings. The three-level, handicapped-accessible library houses the university archives, study areas, a public fax machine, and small-group meeting rooms that each have a network connection.  Many study carrels have network connections for students using laptop computers. 

  18.    Yes. Part-time evening students have full access to the services offered by the Miller Center for Career Services (CCS). These services include resume writing and interview workshops, on-campus recruiting, and job fairs (both live and virtual). The CSS web site has detailed information about the university's career-related programs and services including Jobtrak, an online job-listing service available to all students and alumni of Bentley. In addition, alumni may take advantage of networking activities available through the Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends.  

    For more information, contact the Miller Center for Career Services at 781.891.2165.

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