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Major in Actuarial Science

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

A major in Actuarial Science prepares students for a career in the actuarial field. Actuaries are in great demand by the insurance, financial services and consulting industries and our graduates are often recruited for leadership development opportunities in these industries.  An Actuarial Science major provides extensive preparation for up to four actuarial exams (Exams P/1, FM/2, MLC and MFE/3F) and all of the necessary VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) credits.  In addition, qualified students will have the opportunity to pursue one or more actuarial internships.

Major Requirements

  • MA 233 Calculus III
  • MA 239 Linear Algebra
  • MA 252 Math Statistics
  • MA 263 Continuous Probability
  • Three Actuarial Focus Courses
  • MA Elective

Actuarial Focus Courses (select from MA 310 and/or MA357, MA 243, MA 335, or MA 343)

  • MA 243 Discrete Probability
  • MA 335 Financial Calculus and Derivative Pricing
  • MA 343 The Mathematics of Discrete Options Pricing
  • MA 310 Actuarial Topics in Probability and Risk Management
  • MA 357 Mathematical Theory of Interest

Courses that have been approved by the Society of Actuaries for VEE credit:

  • VEE Economics: EC 111 and EC 112
  • VEE Applied Statistical Methods: MA 252
  • VEE Corporate Finance: (FI 305 and FI 320)

Additional Recommended Courses

  • MA 402 Seminar in Mathematical Sciences: Life Contingency Models I, Life Contingency Models II and Mathematics of Financial Economics offerings are recommended for Exam MLC and MFE/3F preparation