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Major in Economics-Finance

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

Economics-Finance students develop solid skills in financial statement analysis along with a strong foundation in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. They receive broad exposure to the financial system, including the expanding international financial markets. Finance and Economics electives comprise a large portion of the major and, therefore, students should work closely with departmental advisors to determine the direction of their program. 

Major Requirements

  • EC 224 Intermediate Price Theory
  • EC 225 Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • EC 391 Monetary Economics
  • 2 EC Electives
  • FI 305 Principles of Accounting and Finance
  • FI 320 Financial Markets and Investments
  • 2 FI Electives

Special Notes

  • FI 351 International Finance is recommended for the FI elective. 
  • The following courses are recommended for the FI electives:
    • FI 325 Operations of Financial Institutions

    • FI 330 Seminar in Equity Trading

    • FI 331 Capital Markets

    • FI 351 International Finance

    • FI 392 International Project Finance

Think you might like to major in economics-finance?  Speak to mentors and professors in the economics department to learn more about what your classes might entail, meet with alumni who are currently working in the field, think about potential career possibilities.  For further career exploration, visit the Career Services Website.