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Major In Finance

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

Major Requirements

  • FI 305 Principles of Accounting and Finance
  • FI 306 (formerly FI 320) Financial Markets and Investments
  • FI 351 International Finance
  • FI 307 (formerly FI 380) Advanced Managerial Finance
  • 4 FI Electives

Elective courses (minimum of four):

Finance majors have the option of concentrating in Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, or Financial Planning. Course concentration requirements are shown below.

Note: A concentration in finance is not mandatory

No Finance Concentration 

Any Finance electives of your choosing

Capital Markets (CM) Concentration 

Required FI electives:

  • FI331 Capital Markets
  • FI335 Derivatives

Any two FI electives:

  • FI312 Advanced Topics in Investments
  • FI325 Operations of Financial Institutions
  • FI347 Financial Modeling
  • FI399 Equity Valuation
  • FI421 Internship (in the capital market area)

Corporate Finance (CF) Concentration 

Required FI electives:

  • FI345 Applied Corporate Finance

Any three FI electives:

  • FI325 Operations of Financial Institutions
  • FI347 Financial Modeling
  • FI352 (formerly FI392) International Project Finance
  • FI372 Mergers & Acquisitions
  • FI421 Internship (in the corporate finance area)

Financial Planning (FP) Concentration 

Required FI electives:

  • FI360 (formerly FI340) Introduction to Financial Planning
  • FI361 (formerly FI398) Advanced Topics in Financial Planning
  • FI312 Advanced Topics in Investment
  • FI362 (formerly FI327) Insurance and Risk Management
  • FI421 Internship (in the corporate finance area)

Special Notes

  • FI 305 is the pre-requisite for FI 306 (formerly FI 320) and FI 307 (formerly FI 380), which in turn are either pre or co-requisite for other finance courses.  

  • Any finance course not otherwise required can fulfill the FI elective.  Students may use either FI 421- Internship in Finance or FI 401- Directed Study in Finance as one of their Finance electives, but not both.  Finance electives may be taken once Pre- and Co-requisites have been met.

  • Optional concentrations are available in Investments and Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, and Personal Financial Planning.  Students should see a finance mentor for details.


Think you might like to major in finance?  Speak to mentors and professors in the department to learn more about what your classes might entail, meet with alumni who are currently working in the field, consider potential career possibilities such as loan officer, floor trader, cash management or corporate development.   For further career exploration, visit the Career Services website.