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Major In Global Studies

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

The Global Studies major at Bentley provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the technology-driven globalization process with a focus on political, economic, and social interactions between people and places. Through Bentley's global studies program — the only such program in the USA with a required business minor and international experience — students gain an understanding of global cultures combined with business skills, proficiency in modern language, and a required study abroad experience. Majors graduate with strong critical thinking skills, practical experiences and business skills that translate into successful careers.

While at Bentley, students in the global studies program are surrounded by opportunities to further their knowledge of locations around the world and to seek out personal experiences that will enrich their lives and contribute to their future success. The many avenues for opportunity include the Cronin Office of International Education, offering semester, summer, and faculty-led short-term programs (STPs) abroad to countries including Brazil, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Ghana, Morocco, Japan, and other exciting locations. Further, the Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC) offers live video and computer conferencing, a multimedia library of instructional materials, and access to international satellite broadcasting to enhance course curricula. In addition, the Center for Marketing Technology and the Cyberlaw Center both explore myriad issues surrounding global business practices.

Major Requirements

  • GLS 101 or 110-119
  • GLS 101 or 110-119
  • GLS 200 or above
  • GLS 200 or above
  • GLS Elective
  • GLS Elective 
  • GLS Elective
  • Economics Elective

Special Notes

  • GLS 102 Comparative Government and Politics is a required General Education course

  • GLS majors are required to participate in an international experience to become acquainted with another culture, expand their international perspective, and support their modern language studies

  • The GLS major includes a modern language requirement.  Students must complete the intermediate sequence in one language (Intermediate II, 202 level) and are encouraged to take additional courses if possible.

  • GLS majors are required to complete a Business Studies Major or Minor.  Requirements include:


Think you might like to major in global studies?  The career possibilities are endless and you are encourage to speak with a faculty mentor in the department.  Consider being a teacher, a global analyst, a business developer or a consultant.  For further career exploration, visit the Career Services site.