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Major In History

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

A major in history promotes critical thinking, analysis of data and communication skills. It provides excellent preparation for careers in academic and professional fields such as law, business, journalism, and government. Majors work closely with the history faculty to develop a coherent program. 

Major Requirements

  • 8 courses including:
    • four 3-credit courses in your major field of concentration (American, European, Asian, Latin American, or a thematic concentration) 
    • at least one 3-credit course outside your major field of concentration 
    • at least one 3-credit course in a non-Western history
    • one seminar course or an individualized directed study focused on research in an area of special interest to the student

Think you might like to major in history?  The career possibilities are endless and a faculty mentor would love to talk about this with you.  Consider being a lawyer, a consultant, a curator or a forecaster.  For further career exploration, visit the Career Services Website.