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Major in Information Design and Corporate Communication

IDCC Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)  

IDCC with ICT Concentration Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

The Information Design and Corporate Communication major prepares students for careers in the increasingly competitive communications industry. Graduates have moved into positions in the public and private sector in public relations, technical writing and editing, journalism, managerial communication, marketing communication, content development, and Web design. Students may choose to focus on one of three major course tracks: information design, public relations, and Web design, or on course concentration: Information Communication Technology. 

Major Requirements

  • COM 210  Effective Speaking
  • IDCC Restricted Elective (See DRS for options)
  • IDCC 230, 255, 330, or 350
  • IDCC 370 Web Design I
  • 2 – IDCC electives
  • 2 – IDCC or IDCC-related electives 

Special Notes

  • COM 210 Effective Speaking can be taken at anytime but preferably as early as possible.
  • IDCC electives may be fulfilled by IDCC courses not otherwise required.
  • Electives can be fulfilled by any IDCC course. IDCC-related electives, as approved by the IDCC chair, may fulfill two electives. Such approvals for IDCC-related electives must be delivered in writing to the Undergraduate Registrar's office by the start of the semester in which the course is taken.

For more information on all aspects of the IDCC major, please visit the IDCC Department.

Think you might like to major in information design and corporate communication?  Speak to mentors and professors in the department to learn more about what your classes might entail, meet with alumni who are currently working in the field, think about potential career possibilities such as webmaster, brand manager, copywriter or sales.  For further career exploration, visit the Career Services Website.