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Major in Management

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

Degree Requirement Summary with Concentrations

Special emphasis is placed on developing knowledge and skills that are increasingly useful to managers, such as conceptual, analytical, communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Students learn to diagnose organizational issues in a way that reflects an understanding of multiple, interacting levels of organizational analysis, including current environmental and global forces. 

With only two required courses, the Management major provides flexibility within the MG electives and management-related electives for students to attain a broad, general education, or focus on a more narrowly defined area of management with a concentration in human resource management, entrepreneurship, global management, leadership, or supply chain management. 

Opportunities for Service Learning and Internships are plentiful in both the profit and non-profit sectors. 

Major Requirements

  • MG 240 Interpersonal Relations in Management
  • MG 345 Organizations and Environment
  • Global MG Elective (see DRS for options)
  • Management Electives OR Management Concentration Electives (see DRS for options)
  • Management-related elective(s) (see DRS for options)


Entrepreneurship Required Courses:

  • MG 335  Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • MG 336  Planning and Financing New Ventures
  • MG 338  Launching Your Business
  • PRS 339  Effective Selling

Global Management Required Courses:

  • ​MG 228  Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • MG 331  Mgt. of International Operations or MG 332 Managing in Global Business Environment
  • MG 334  Global Management Behavior*
  • MG/non-MG international education course in culturally distant location

*MG 334 will sit in the MG Global Elective spot while also fulfilling the MG Concentration requirement.  Students in this concentration will have a second MG Related Elective in place of the 4th management concentration course.  

Human Resources Management Required Courses:

  • MG 250  Human Resources Management
  • MG 350  Human Resources Staffing
  • MG 351  HR Training & Development
  • Plus one from this list:
          MG 225  Career Management
          MG 228  Managing Diversity in the Workplace
          MG 241  Leadership, Power & Politics in Orgs
          MG 334  International Management Behavior
          MG 341  Intro to Mgt. Consulting Skills
          MG 360  Negotiating

Leadership Required Courses:

  • MG 241  Leadership, Power & Politics in Orgs
  • MG 228  Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • MG 360  Negotiating
  • Plus one from this list:
         MG 225  Career Management
         MG 337  Managing Strategic Alliances
         MG 341  Intro to Mgt. Consulting Skills
         MG 343  Project Management

Supply-Chain and Operations Management Required Courses:

  • MG 315     Supply-Chain Management
  • MG 316     Service Operations Management
  • MG 317     Managing Quality
  • One from this list:
    MG 250 Human Resources Management
    MG 337 Managing Strategic Alliances
    MG 343 Project Management
    MG 340 Special Topics courses focused on Supply-Chain or Operations


Special Notes

  • Management Global Electives:  MG 331, 332, 334, and MG 340 (if globally focused)

  • While all majors must be declared through the Department Chair and the Assistant Chair, the concentration advisors are as follows:

    • Entrepreneurship – Fred Tuffile

    • Global Management – Iris Berdrow 

    • Human Resource Management – Elaine Walker 

    • Leadership – Aaron Nurick

    • Supply Chain/Operations Management – Effie Stavrulaki

Think you might like to major in management?  Speak to mentors and professors in the department to learn more about what your classes might entail, meet with alumni who are currently working in the field, think about potential career possibilities such as human resources generalist, business development, operations assistant or management trainee programs.  For further career exploration, visit the Career Services Website.