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Major In Mathematical Sciences

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

Students pursuing a major in Mathematical Sciences may tailor their electives to concentrate on either applied mathematics or on actuarial science. 

Major Requirements- Applied Mathematics

  • MA 233 Calculus III 
  • MA 239 Linear Algebra
  • MA 252 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA 263 Continuous Probability    
  • Four MA Electives

Special Notes

  • The major requirements include some variation in the General Education and Business Core — see the DRS for course information. Because the MA requirement under “General Education Requirements” is MA 131 and 139, first-year students must be advised early on to follow the appropriate sequence, if placement allows. 

Think you might like to major in mathematical sciences? Speak to mentors and professors in the department to learn more about what your classes might entail, meet with alumni who are currently working in the field, think about potential career possibilities such as broker, actuarial, sales or credit analyst.  For further career exploration, visit Career Services.