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Major In Spanish Studies

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS):  Track I
Degree Requirement Summary (DRS):  Track II

Spanish studies is one of the newest majors to be added to Bentley's offerings in the liberal arts.  Why Spanish Studies at Bentley?

Our program offers:

  • A unique curriculum that integrates language, culture, history, and current affairs of the Spanish speaking world
  • An education couple with general business skills that will expand career opportunities
  • A curriculum designed for both non-native and native speakers of Spanish through a two-track system

Major Requirements

Track I: Non-native Spanish Speakers will complete two courses in tier I, two courses in tier 2, and two courses in tier 3.

Track II:  Native and/or near-native competency Spanish speakers will complete two courses in tier 2, one required (MLSP 305 and one of their choice) and any four courses in tier 3.

Tier 1:  200 Level Language Courses

  • MLSP 202 Intermediate II
  • MLSP 203 Advanced writing and composition

Tier 2: 300 Level Hybrid Courses

  • MLSP 301 Selected Topics
  • MLSP 302 Spanish for Business
  • MLSP 303 Current and Controversial Topics
  • MLSP 304 Survey of Spanish Literature
  • MLSP 305 Translation
  • MLSP 306 Seven Cities in the Spanish Speaking World

Tier 3: 400 Level Content Courses

  • MLSP 401 Directed Study
  • MLSP 402 Seminar in Spanish
  • MLSP 403 Latinos in the U.S.
  • MLSP 404 Masterpieces in Literature from Latin America
  • MLSP 405 Masterpieces in Modern Literature from Spain