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Major in Sustainability Sciences

Degree Requirement Summary (DRS)

The practice of sustainability is not good just for the environment — it’s an important part of strategic business planning too.  Companies are increasingly innovating to conserve energy, water, and raw materials, incorporating renewable energy technologies, reducing and recycling wastes, optimizing supply chains, and enhancing resource efficiencies in manufacturing and all areas of business operations. These practices all add up to greater profitability while reducing their carbon footprint and creating a healthier environment.

The Bentley Sustainability Science major gives you a foundation in the science of sustainability combined with an understanding of business principles and practices at organizations that are looking to incorporate these important business functions into their operations. The curriculum ensures that you will understand not only Earth’s environmental systems, but also how they relate to business and societal activity — an approach that stands out among primarily science-based programs.  The major is excellent preparation if you are interested in a career path that requires you to consider environmental, economic and societal sustainability in corporate decision-making.

Through this major, you will gain real-world skills through a required field experience in environmental science, as well as a capstone project or internship. The Sustainability Science major also requires that you complete either a Business Studies major or minor.

Think you might like to major in Sustainability Sciences?  The career possibilities are endless and you are encouraged to speak with a faculty mentor in the department.  For further career exploration, visit the Career Services site.