Minor in Business Studies

The minor in Business Studies is designed to provide Bachelor of Arts students in liberal arts a basic foundation knowledge in business.  There are several reasons for liberal arts students to consider this minor.  As a general rule, liberal arts degrees are less career focused than business degrees.  The minor in Business Studies allows Bachelor of Arts students to earn an academic credential that demonstrates a basic familiarity with the functional areas of business and with business terminology, concepts, and problems.  This knowledge can be helpful to Bachelor of Arts students in their job search and career development activities.

Actuarial Sciences, Global Studies, Health Studies, History, Mathematical Sciences, Media and Culture, Philosophy, Public Policy, Spanish Studies, and Sustainability Sciences majors must complete either the Business Studies major or minor.  Students who choose the Business Studies minor have room on their DRS to complete a second minor of their choice.


Class of 2012 and Earlier:

GB 101            World of Business 
GB 102            Human Behavior in Organizations (1.5 cr.)
GB 103            Legal Environment of Business (1.5 cr.)
GB 201            Financial Reporting and Analysis
GB 202            Accounting Information for Decision Making (1.5 cr.)
GB 203            Information Support Systems for Business (1.5 cr.)
GB 210            Business Statistics

Class of 2013 and Later:

GB 110            Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
GB 112            Tools and Concepts in Accounting & Finance
GB 212            Practice & Applications in Accounting & Finance
GB 213            Statistical analysis of Business Data
GB 214            Marketing-Operations Fundamentals
GB 215            Human Behavior and Organizations

All minors must be approved by the coordinator and declared via the Minors Program Enrollment Form.