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Minor In Diversity And (In)Equality

The minor in the sociology of diversity and (in)equality will allow students to explore problems associated with diversity and equality in a modern context. A broad social and historical overview will be combined with focused studies of the interactional practices involved in creating and maintaining the differences that continue to separate people by race, gender and class.

Understanding diversity involves the investigation of social order as an emergent property of situated interactions. Without realizing it, people reproduce patterns of social action that create the problems that most of those same people are trying to overcome. Reflection on these practices and understanding of where they come from can lead to significant changes in mutual understanding between groups. Practices create the boundaries of small situations as well as defining the edges between groups and societies. Students will be given materials and taught to investigate for themselves the ways in which inequality is made real in everyday life.

The minor is also designed to highlight the importance of equality in modern situated interactions. As people in modern societies are increasingly forced to come together in public with strangers they are also forced to rely more on trust in situated public practices to achieve understanding with one another. Understanding diversity involves understanding how people go about the construction of social order and group membership through their everyday activities. This includes the ordinary work of social and institutional membership in addition to the work of ethnic group membership, cultural competency, gender, and the social processes involved in these as occasioned activities. When equality fails, occasioned social practices also fail in significant ways.


  1. Select two of the following courses:

    SO 241  Diversity, Minorities and Social Interaction
    SO 292  Sociology of Native American Peoples
    SO 320  Immigrant Entrepreneurship
    SO 333  Sociology of the Edge
    SO 244  Deviance and Social Control

  2. Two Elective Courses (including any courses from above) 

    SO 242  Social Problems
    SO 263  Sociology of Work and Organizations
    SO 271  Self and Society
    SO 285  Sociology of Sports
    SO 289  Popular Culture in Consumer Societies
    SO 300  Community Involvement

Courses satisfying the requirements for the diversity and (in)equality minor must be drawn from humanities/social science, arts and sciences and/or unrestricted electives only. Courses may not be used for both the behavioral science general education required course AND the minor. Courses from other departments will be considered by the minor coordinator.

All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.