Minor in Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability

The minor in Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability (EEGS) comprises four courses beyond the NASC four-credit course. Our earth’s environmental issues and the sustainability of its resources will provide humanity with one of its biggest challenges for the foreseeable future. Scientific and technological solutions to environmental problems will be dependent on economic, political, and social constructs that will require global cooperation. The EEGS minor provides students with a background and global perspective for understanding some of the environmental challenges facing societies.


Choose four courses from the following list:

NASE 305             U.S. Space Program: Going Beyond
NASE 311             Ecology: Principles and Applications
NASE 314             Coastal Biology of Cape Cod
NASE 315             Human Health and Disease
NASE 317             Economic Botany
NASE 319             Global Health Challenges
NASE 328             Water Quality   
NASE 334             Coastal Geology of Cape Cod     
NASE 335             Oceanography
NASE 336             Water in the Environment
NASE 337             Global Climate Change
NASE 339             Weather and Climate
NASE 344             Energy Alternatives
NASE 364             Science of Sustainability
NASE 402             Science in Environmental Policy
PS 305                  Environmental Psychology 

Faculty Advisors: Professors Davis, Fishman, Kiszewski, Oches, Szymanski, Wohlers

All minors must be approved by the coordinator and declared via the Minors Program Enrollment Form.

Refer to the Advising Directory to identify the appropriate Minor Coordinator.