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Minor in English

A minor in English and Media Studies gives undergraduate students the opportunity to develop expertise in an area of study outside their business major and to receive formal recognition for their efforts. Students pursuing the English and Media Studies Minor take four courses in English and Media Studies beyond the required Expository Writing and Literature courses. They may have a theme in literature and cinema studies, creative writing, communication, or media and culture.

Literature and Cinema

With the help of an advisor from the English and Media Studies Department, minors select four courses in literature—and/or cinema studies that form a coherent group. (The four courses for the minor do not include the general education literature requirement.)


This theme requires four courses in communication:

  • COM 210 Effective Speaking
  • COM ___  Communication elective
  • COM ___  Communication elective
  • COM ___  or IDCC ___  Communication elective

Note that IDCC courses count as business courses.

Creative Writing

This theme encourages students to explore their own insights and develop their own styles and voices. Four courses are required: 

  • LIT ___   Literature elective in literary forms (LIT 210 - 224)
  • LIT ___   Creative writing elective (LIT 310 - 314) 
  • LIT ___   Creative writing elective (LIT 310 - 314)
  • LIT ___   Literature elective 

Media and Culture

Four courses are required:

  • MC___
  • MC___
  • MC___
  • MC___

For more information about the English and Media Studies Department and full course descriptions, visit our website.

All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.

Refer to the Advising Directory to identify the appropriate Minor Coordinator.