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Minor In Gender Studies

The Gender Studies program provides students the opportunity to study how gender structures our lives, ideas, institutions, society, and cultural practices. As an interdisciplinary program, Gender Studies combines the analytic tools of different disciplines, incorporating both practical and theoretical approaches to understanding how gender functions. The program also addresses how differences in racial, ethnic, class and sexual identity structure the complex nature of gender-based inequity, injustice, and systematic oppression of women.

A minor in Gender Studies offers students insights as to how gender structures their lives, careers, and work environments. It allows students to develop skills in analysis, critical thinking, theoretical understanding, and practical application. Gender Studies seeks to empower women so that they may more successfully face the challenges of the male-dominated business world. A minor in Gender Studies conveys to potential employers that the student has taken initiative to broaden his/her knowledge base and analytic skills.

Requirements for Gender Studies Minor

Complete four courses from the following list:

Gender Studies Courses

CIN 370            Wonder Women

CIN 375            Women and Film

CIN 380            Male Image in American Cinema

COM 390          Riot Girls and Queer Nation: Gender

HI 330               Women, Work, and Family in European Perspective

HI 358               US Women’s History

HI 398               Women and Gender in South Asia

ID 211               Introduction to Gender Studies

ID 260               Sex and American Culture

ID 350               Gender and Organizations

LA 104               Gender and the Law

LIT 334              Women in Literature

LIT 367              African American Women Writers

LIT 369              Sexual identity and Culture

LIT 370              Passing in American Literature

LIT 377              Transgender Literature

LIT 381              Sitcom Nation

MG 228              Managing Diversity in the Workplace

NASE 112          Evolution, Human Genetics and Behavior

PS 333              Gender Psychology

PS 388              Abnormal Psychology

SO 241             Diversity, Minorities and Social Change

SO 271             Self and Society          

For more information and an updated list of courses, visit our website.

Director of Gender Studies
Traci Abbott, PhD
AAC 088

All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.