Minor in Global Management

Special emphasis is placed on developing knowledge and skills that are increasingly useful to managers, such as conceptual, analytical, communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Students learn to diagnose organizational issues in a way that reflects an understanding of multiple, interacting levels of organizational analysis, including current environmental and global forces.

Requirements for Global Management minor:

  • MG 228  Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • MG 331  Management of International Operations or MG 332  Managing in the Global Business Environment
  • MG 334  Global Management Behavior
  • One Arts and Science course from this list:

                EC 311          International Economics
                EC 321          International Growth and Development
                COM 320       Intercultural Communication
                GLS 101         Globalization
                GLS 110         Global Regions
                GLS 114         Cross-Cultural Understanding
                GLS 116         International Relations
                GLS 310         Perspectives on Global Commerce
                GLS 312         International Organizations
                GLS 349         The Politics of International Business
                HI 314            History of the World Economy
                MC 250          Principles of Globalization and the Media
                PH 133           International Business Ethics
                PS 275           Cross-Cultural Psychology