Minor in Health and Industry

The minor in health and industry comprises four courses related to health and its applications to individuals, society, or industry taken in addition to the core General Education requirement. This minor may help students acquire a deeper understanding of their personal health, the biological basis of health and disease, and the psychological contribution to physical wellbeing. This minor may also enhance the prospects for careers in the health industry or as business service providers in the health industry.


Choose four courses from the following list:

NASE 308             Health of Nations
NASE 309             The Science and Business of Biotechnology
NASE 313             Human Nutrition: From Science to Life  
NASE 315             Human Health & Disease in Today's World                                                                                
NASE 316             Biology of Mind    
NASE 318             Global Health Challenges
NASE 319             Human Inheritance: From Genes to Behavior    
NASE 321             Food and Food Additives             
PS 210                   Pioneers in Psychology                 
PS 230                   Sports Psychology          
PS 240                   Child Psychology             
PS 252                   Dynamics of Personality               
PS 266                   Psychology of Adjustment          
PS 275                   Cross Cultural Psychology
PS 305                   Environmental Psychology                          
PS 311                   Social Psychology            
PS 325                   Cyber Psychology
PS 328                   Financial Psychology      
PS 333                   Gender Psychology
PS 340                   Health Psychology          
PS 380                   Psychology of Self          
PS 388                   Abnormal Psychology

Faculty Advisors: Professors Arenella, Kiszewski, Ledley, Meldrum

All minors must be approved by the coordinator and declared via the Minors Program Enrollment Form.

Refer to the Advising Directory to identify the appropriate Minor Coordinator.