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Minor in Management

The Minor in Management complements a student’s major with courses that develop the ability to diagnose organizational issues from multiple perspectives. The minor cultivates essential skills for managers such as communications, interpersonal effectiveness, and working in teams.

Management Minor requirements:

  • MG 240 Interpersonal Relations in Management
  • MG 345 Organizations and Environment
  • One Management Elective or Professional Sales Elective
  • One Arts and Science Elective from among the following courses OR One Management Elective or Professional Sales Elective:

          GLS 310 Perspectives on Global Commerce  
          GLS 312 International Organizations
          EC 251 Development of Economic Thought
          EC 321 International Economic Growth and Development
          EC 331 Modern Economic Systems
          EC 343 Health Economics
          COM 210 Effective Speaking
          COM 322 Theories of Persuasion
          MA 225 Probability Models in Business Decision Making
          MA 263 Continuous Probability for Risk Management
          PS 311 Social Psychology
          PH 130 Corporate Social Responsibility
          PH 131 Philosophy of Work
          SO 263 Sociology of Work
          SO 265 Talk at Work
          HI 314 History of the World Economy
          HI 347 Work and the American Worker
          HI 353 20th US Economic History

Other A&S courses can be used with approval of the Management Department Chair.

Please note that GB 215 is a prerequisite for all MG courses.

All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.

Refer to the Advising Directory to identify the appropriate Minor Coordinator