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Minor in Marketing

The minor in Marketing is designed to offer both breadth and flexibility in accommodating specific student learning and career interests.  A Marketing Minor consists of four courses. The course work is selected from the following two categories of Marketing courses which reflect the foundation or applied nature of Marketing content.  Students must meet with the Marketing Minors coordinator to discuss selection of appropriate courses to strengthen their major area of study.


GB 214 Marketing-Operations Fundamentals


2 Foundation of Marketing course (see below)
1 Applied Marketing course or Professioanal Sales course (see below)
1 Arts and Science course (see below) OR 1 additional Applied Marketing course or Professional Sales course (see below)

Foundation of Marketing Courses:

MK  321 Consumer Behavior 
MK322  Marketing Research 
MK332Promotional Strategy
MK334Marketing Channels

Applied Marketing Courses:


MK330, 340-400, 411


Approved Arts and Science Courses:


COM321 Mass Communication 
COM322  Theories of Persuasion
GLS114Cross Cultural Understanding
ID213Communication and Gender: Meanings in Form and Content
LA103Consumer Law
LA109Law and Ethics for Cyber Society
MA252Mathematical Statistics
MC200Principles of Media and Culture
MC250Principles of Globalization and Media
MC300Film, TV, and New Media Theory
PH130Corporate Social Responsibility
PH133International Business Ethics
PS311Social Psychology
PS325Cyber Psychology
SO287Media, Culture, and Society
SO289Popular Culture in Consumer Societies
ST242Applied Business Statistics


All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.

Refer to the Advising Directory to identify the appropriate Minor Coordinator.