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Minor In Natural and Applied Sciences

The minor in Natural and Applied Sciences comprises four courses related to the sciences. This minor is intended to encourage students to explore the sciences beyond the required NASC. Given the broad spectrum of the science courses available at Bentley, students must work with a department advisor to develop a curriculum that is balanced in breadth and depth.

Select four courses from the following list. You must select at least one NASE and one PS:

NASE 301             Planetary Exploration in the Space Age
NASE 303             Life in the Universe
NASE 305             U.S. Space Program: Going Beyond
NASE 309             The Science and Business of Biotechnology        
NASE 311             Ecology: Principles and Applications        
NASE 313             Human Nutrition: From Science to Life  
NASE 314             Coastal Biology of Cape Cod       
NASE 315             Human Health and Disease in Today's World      
NASE 316             Biology of Mind               
NASE 317             Economic Botany
NASE 318             Global Health Challenges
NASE 319             Human Inheritance: From Genes to Behavior
NASE 322             Forensic Science
NASE 328             Water Quality   
NASE 334             Coastal Geology of Cape Cod     
NASE 335             Oceanography 
NASE 336             Water in the Environment          
NASE 337             Global Climate Change 
NASE 339             Weather and Climate
NASE 341             Physics of Sports
NASE 342             Light and Color
NASE 344             Energy Alternatives  
NASE 362             The Science in Science Fiction  
NASE 364             Science of Sustainability  
NASE 380             Science in Environmental Policy 
NASE 397             Special Topics/Experimental Courses if Applicable and Approved by the Department
NASE 398             Special Topics/Experimental Courses if Applicable and Approved by the Department
PS 210                   Pioneers in Psychology
PS 230                   Sports Psychology
PS 240                   Child Psychology
PS 252                   Dynamics of Personality
PS 266                   Psychology of Adjustment
PS 311                   Social Psychology
PS 340                   Health Psychology
PS 325                   Cyber Psychology           
PS 333                   Gender Psychology
PS 351                   Nonverbal Behavior & Judging Others
PS 380                   Psychology of Self
PS 388                   Abnormal Psychology

Faculty Advisors: Professors Arenella, Davis, Evans, Fishman, Hall, Kiszewski, Ledley, Nurick, Meldrum, Nichols, Oches, Wohlers.

All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.

Refer to the Advising Directory to identify the appropriate Minor Coordinator.