Minor In Philosophy

Why Minor In Philosophy At Bentley?

Make the most of your education at Bentley.  Bentley enjoys a reputation as a premier college of business, but at the same time the importance placed on the liberal arts distinguishes Bentley from other schools.

Explore a world of ideas.  You can choose from the Department of Philosophy’s twenty-three elective courses, including courses on the history of philosophy, traditional problems of philosophy, business ethics, and philosophy and contemporary issues.


Four elective courses in philosophy*      

A minor in philosophy can be designed with a particular interest of yours in mind.  For example, if you are interested in the history of ideas, you could complete a minor in philosophy by taking the following courses:

PH 101      Problems of Philosophy
PH 215      Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: Nature, Reason and Faith
PH 216      Modern Philosophy: Knowledge and Values
PH 217      Contemporary Philosophy: Change and Meaning
PH 218      Topics in American Philosophy

A minor in philosophy can be designed to complement your major field of study.  For example, a finance major could minor in philosophy by taking the following courses:

PH 101 Problems of Philosophy
PH 130 Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility
PH 133 Business Ethics: International Business Ethics
PH 135 Special Problems in Business and Professional Ethics: Ethical Issues in Banking and Finance
PH 251 Ethics

All minors must be approved by the coordinator and declared via the Minors Program Enrollment Form.

Refer to the Advising Directory to identify the appropriate Minor Coordinator.