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Minor in Politics

The minor in politics enables students majoring in either business or liberal arts to focus in selected areas of the study of governmental policy.  Areas of study may include topics such as American Politics or International Politics.  In addition to its own inherent value, a politics minor provides a useful basis for studies in many other more specialized areas of knowledge such as marketing, management, public policy, organizational behavior, business communication, human resources, social work, and education.


Four GLS courses in political science from the list below, one of which must be at the 200 level or above.


Course List

GLS Number


100 US Government & Politics
102 Comparative Government & Politics
105 US State and Local Government & Politics
116 International Relations
203 Contemporary Issues in U.S. Politics
225 Politics and the Urban Economy in the US
226 US Security Policy
230 Politics and Public Policy
234 Politics of Communications Policy
236 Campaigns and Elections
238 Immigration
242 Current Political Issues / Terrorism and Security
243 The Developing World
248 Business and Politics of the News Media
250 Contemporary Latin America
260 Business and Politics in East Asia
262 Politics in the Middle East
270 Contemporary Europe
272 European Politics and Integration
303 Democratization
305 Social Policy:  Privatization of Public Benefits
312 International Organizations
313 Political Thought from Global Perspective
316 International Politics
335 Contemporary Issues in Global Politics
349 The Politics of International Business
352 Advanced Topics in Latin American Politics
403 Model United Nations
401 Directed Study in Government
405 Seminar in Government
421 Internship in Government


All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.