Minor in Supply-Chain and Operations Management

Special emphasis is placed on developing knowledge and skills that are increasingly useful to managers, such as conceptual, analytical, communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Students learn to diagnose organizational issues in a way that reflects an understanding of multiple, interacting levels of organizational analysis, including current environmental and global forces.

Requirements for Supply-Chain and Operations Management minor:

  • MG 315     Supply-Chain Management
  • MG 316     Service Operations Management
  • MG 317     Managing Quality
  • One Arts and Science course from this list:

                CS 240          Business Processing and Communications Infrastructure
                COM 210         Effective Speaking
                NASE 364        Science of Sustainability
                PH 130          Corporate Social Responsibility
                PH 131          Philosophy of Work
                SO 264          Technology, Society, and Work
                SO 265          Talk at Work
                ST 242          Applied Business Statistics


All minors must be declared via MyBentley and approved by the coordinator.