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Welcome to the Academic Advising Center’s web page designed specifically for Bentley’s transfer student population.  We are excited that you have chosen Bentley as the institution to complete your degree.  We realize that the transfer process can be an exciting yet challenging time.  The team members of the Academic Advising Center are here to support you as you transition and immerse yourself in the Bentley curriculum and culture.  It is our mission to create a comfortable, engaging and informative environment while providing a collaborative working relationship with various professional staff members, current students and faculty members at Bentley.

Mission for Advising

The Academic Advising Center is a student-centered resource that works in partnership with Bentley undergraduates to help them succeed academically and personally. Providing a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, along with meaningful one-on-one advising sessions, informative programs, and comprehensive support services, the Academic Advising team consistently works to meet students where they are. Engaging with the advisors, programs, and services of the Academic Advising Center, Bentley students can take charge of their own education, developing into successful professionals and lifelong learners.

Advising Model

The model above illustrates the comprehensive academic advising services available to all undergraduate students at Bentley University.  Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the many resources available to help them identify and achieve their personal, professional, and academic goals.

  • First Year/Transfer Advisors:  All first-year and transfer students are assigned a faculty or staff member as their primary academic advisor during their first year on campus.  These formally assigned advisors are available to assist students with early curriculum planning as well as provide support with any academic and social adjustment issues during the transition to college.
  • Professional AdvisorsCommencing at orientation, all students have access to the professional advising staff in the Office of Academic Services' Academic Advising Center.  Advisors are available to help students with a wide range of issues including: Major and Minor selection, study abroad planning, academic difficulty intervention, strategies for enhancing academic success, and help scheduling courses.
  • Peer Advisors:  Each year, the Academic Advising Center recruits a select group of upper-class peer advisors to be available on a walk-in basis at the Advising Center.  Peers work closely with the professional advisors and are an additional resource for students looking for general academic advising assistance.  Peers have been extensively trained to provide accurate and friendly service, and have the ability to address a variety of student questions and concerns with objectivity.
  • Faculty Our faculty have diverse backgrounds and an abundance of experience and knowledge in their particular field. Bentley students are encouraged to use our expert faculty as exploratory and advisory resources.  The faculty’s expertise within their chosen fields allows students to benefit from their knowledge of career options, course options, and research opportunities.

Responsibilities and Supporting Roles for Academic Success

Student Responsibilities for Academic Success:

  • Transfer students must connect and meet with their advisor per Transfer Seminar Requirements.
  • Transfer students should continue to connect with their assigned advisor or a professional advisor in the Academic Advising Center at least once a semester.
  • Students should prepare for their advising appointments by using their Academic Advising Workbook.
  • Students must become familiar with policies, procedures and the relationship between their decisions and the subsequent outcomes.
  • It is strongly encouraged for underclassmen to attend programs to explore major/minor options and other academic opportunities.
  • Students should become familiar with the wide variety of academic resources on campus.
  • All students should to connect with various members of the Bentley community (faculty, staff and student leaders).
  • Working with advisors, faculty, staff and parents, students should create and continually clarify personal and professional goals.
  • Students must accept responsibility for the actions or inactions that impact their academic progression and plan.

Academic Advisor Role:

  • The Academic Advising Center will provide a safe, non-judgmental and comfortable advising atmosphere.
  • Advisors will participate in frequent professional development/training.
  • Advisors will adopt a clear understanding of the undergraduate curriculum and the tools necessary to assist students in developing appropriate academic plans as well as personal and professional goals.
  • Advisors will be knowledgeable about academic opportunities and be able to recommend a course of study (when appropriate) that is congruent with the student’s professional and personal goals.
  • Advisors will provide the appropriate amount of challenge and support that encourages the development of decision making skills.
  • Advisors provide intervention for students who receive progress reports and/or other notifications of possible failure or concerns.
  • Advisors will appropriately refer student to college support services (counseling, career services, residence life, multicultural center, education abroad, etc) when necessary.


Advising Center Staff

PJ Dickson, Director, Advising Center and New Student Academic Programs

Melissa Jenkins, Senior Associate Director

Meghan Charbonneau, Senior Academic Advisor

Valerie Como, Senior Academic Advisor

Amy Weber, Senior Academic Advisor


Transfer Seminar Facilitators


Emily Anastasio

Year: Junior
Major(s): Corporate Finance and Accounting
Hometown: Syosset, NY

Previous College(s): Miami University of Ohio

Why you chose Bentley: I decided to study at Bentley to enhance not only my education in accounting, but to become a well-rounded business student.  Bentley offers an opportunity that not many other Universities do.

How did you pick your major:  Originally I started as just an Accounting major, but Bentley offers a program that is too hard to pass up.  Incorporating Finance gives me leverage and options in my future career choices.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: International Relations or GLS 116 has been by far one of my favorite classes. Sometimes when you only take business classes you get too enclosed in a bubble and forget what’s happening in the world outside. I found that taking classes outside of my major or business in general is a great escape. 

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: I’m a member of Her Campus and participate in the Service Learning program (where I volunteer at the Boys and Girls club once a week).

What you love most about Bentley: The class size really sold me on Bentley.  I love that the professors know your name and are constantly engaging with their students.  In the long run it is so helpful when you need to revisit that professor for recommendation letters or even advice.

One piece of advice you have for students: Become a bigger part of Bentley. Completely immerse yourself in the Bentley community because it has so much to offer. What I mean by that is don’t just be a student.  This is college and it’s meant to be this wild and crazy ride, but only if you take advantage of it.  


Anick Deschamps

Year: Senior
Major(s): Accounting
Minor(s): Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Haiti/Florida

Previous College(s): Suffolk University

Why you chose Bentley: I chose Bentley because I knew what major I wanted to do and they are known to be one of the best for accounting. And also I really wanted to experience the campus life.  

How did you pick your major:  I’m someone who loves numbers so I had to do something where numbers would be around me, so I had to choose between finance and accounting. To help me decide between the two, I did two internships where I had the chance to practice both and from there I preferred auditing in accounting.  

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: One of my favorite class was Management 335. This class helps you to think about business ideas. What I liked the most about it is that every class we had some guest speaker that comes to talk about how they started their business. But the coolest thing was that some of the people were our age and still at Bentley. From there you think "If they can do it, I can do it!"  Its a motivation for you to open your business.      

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: I’m the treasury of BORS (Bentley Organization of Russian Speakers). We organize an activity twice a month on campus. I’m waiting to see you in one of them!  I’m also a member of Bentley tennis club.

What you love most about Bentley: You will always find a group to hang out with! People are so nice and ready to help you, you just have to ask. The class atmosphere is pretty cool!

One piece of advice you have for students: Take advantage of EVERYTHING, especially the teachers. Try to know your teacher during their office hours! Try to get out of that class with the teacher knowing your name since the 1st week. Take advantage of the Library, people working at the library are so nice, they are willing to help you with any research.  Bentley has great resources. If you are struggling in a class there are the labs, tutoring sessions, and The Writing Center. If you are looking to get involved, there are so many different groups to join.


Charbel Hanna

Year: Junior
Major(s): Accounting
Minor(s): Sports Management
Hometown: Dedham, MA

Previous College(s): Emmanuel College

Why you chose Bentley: I chose Bentley because I wanted to be challenged and I knew that Bentley was going to allow me to expand my network and open a tremendous amount of opportunities for me.

How did you pick your major: Growing up my favorite subject has always been mathematics. I chose accounting as my major because I like the challenge. I like how with accounting you actually have to understand it and apply what you’ve learned to certain situations. Also, when I figure out a problem or find an error in a solution it gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction that I’ve done something correctly.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: Being a recent transfer, most of the classes I have taken have been my general requirement courses. I really enjoyed my Applied Calculus for Business and Business Statistic classes, since I had great professors and loved the material! I am most looking forward to taking my classes in Sports Management.

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Member of ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America), Campus Activities Board, Alumni Leadership Council, ALANA Experience Program Leader, and Career Colleagues.

What you love most about Bentley: The amount of opportunities are endless. Bentley has a strong and successful alumni and network making it easy for students to find internships, leadership programs, and jobs while learning and building their brand.

One piece of advice you have for students: Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Join a club or an organization that you normally wouldn’t be a part of. You never know what you might get out of it and where you might meet your best friends. Bentley has a welcoming community which allows you to feel comfortable anywhere. 

Kasey Huntress

Year: Senior
Major(s): Marketing
Minor(s): Information Design & Corporate Communication
Hometown: Harrison, ME

Previous College(s): Loyola University Maryland

Why you chose Bentley: I applied to Bentley mainly because I wanted to be in the Boston area, but I was sold after visiting. The campus is beautiful, and I felt like I would graduate with the skills I need to succeed in the job market.

How did you pick your major: I’ve always loved reading, writing, and other creative endeavors, so I wanted to find a major that combined these skills with business. Marketing has been the perfect mix.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class by far has been e-Marketing. The classroom environment is very laid-back and collaborative with lots of in-class discussions, and the assignments are challenging yet creative!

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Intramural sports (soccer and dodgeball), Bentley Marketing Association, Her Campus (Editor in Chief), and service learning.

What you love most about Bentley: The group of friends that I have made. There are so many great people to meet at Bentley, and I’m lucky to have found some of the best!

One piece of advice you have for students: Branch out, get involved, meet people! As a transfer (especially as a sophomore or junior), it can be easy to justify keeping to yourself. But in my opinion, the only way to truly make the most of your time at Bentley is to find someone or something that you look forward to outside of classes.


Nicole (Nikki) McNeill

Year: Senior
Major(s): Marketing
Hometown: Exeter, NH

Previous College(s): Lasell College

Why you chose Bentley: I chose Bentley because I saw an opportunity where I could really learn a lot and mix my creative mind with a strong business foundation.

How did you pick your major:  Marketing has always appealed to me because it involves collaboration and innovative thinking. It took me awhile to choose but after taking a few marketing classes I knew I loved the subject.

Favorite class you have taken at Bentley: My favorite class was a marketing class, Retailing. Our professor brought in multiple guests with experience in their field and it added a really great dynamic to the course.

Bentley student activities you have been involved in: Member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Alpha Psi Omega (theatre group), and a program manager for the Dana Court program within Service Learning (volunteering).

What you love most about Bentley: I really feel like I’ve made a home here. I didn’t feel that at my former school. At Bentley I have surrounded myself with amazing people and meet new ones all the time that become a part of my life.

One piece of advice you have for students: Take advantage of EVERYTHING. Bentley has great resources. If you are struggling in a class there are the labs, tutoring sessions, The Writing Center. If you are looking to get involved, there are so many different groups to join.



Transfer Seminar

Transfer Seminar is a 6-week seminar designed to facilitate the intellectual, social, and personal transition of students to Bentley University. The goal of Transfer Seminar is to assist students with their adjustment to Bentley and to increase the likelihood that they will be academically and socially successful at Bentley University.

Transfer Seminar is taught by a professional staff member who will also serve as the students’ academic advisor.  In addition, each seminar will have the benefit of a student facilitator – a former transfer student who can share experiences, perspectives and make a positive impact on the new student experience.

Transfer Events Spring 2017

New Student Registration Day

January 6th, 2017

New Student Registration Day is an online academic advising and registration session. Sign-up through the New Student portal in MyBentley is coming soon!  Students will learn about academics at Bentley and will register for their courses.  

Students who are unable to attend will have scheduled created for them by the Registrar’s Office.  All new students will attend a First Year or Transfer Seminar course and during the first week they will have an opportunity to meet with academic advisor to discuss their schedule.


Transfer Orientation

Friday, January 13th 

Orientation Details

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