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Brand Strategy

Bentley’s brand strategy encompasses several major components, which are at the heart of all of our communications, from web to print to email to social media.


Preparing the next generation of smart, nimble leaders

Major Theme

Be prepared (for career and life)


The business world is changing. New skills are in demand. To become future leaders, students need to be equipped with a core set of business and critical thinking skills to adapt to and manage change.

Brand Pillars

The Bentley brand is built on three pillars, each with its own set of key messages.


Key Messages

  • We prepare students for their first job and a fulfilling career and life through a set of connected experiences (integrated curriculum, hands-on learning opportunities and an active and engaging student life
  • Our strong business core, integrated with the arts and sciences, gives students business and critical thinking skills that they can apply in any field they pursue


Key Messages

  • We combine career placement, internships, corporate partnerships, facilities, applied research, and immersion classes to better understand market dynamics and needs and to identify solutions
  • Our approach is left brain + right brain — we deal with numbers and concepts (analytical curiosity), applying critical thinking to identify implications and trends and to make decisions based on thoughtful analysis
  • We embrace the triple bottom line (people, planet, profits) approach by combining our business core with a broad selection of electives, service–learning programs, and exposure to many aspects of business ethics and governance


Key Messages

  • We are redefining business education with an integrated curriculum and our new 11-month MBA
  • We adapt to and anticipate change by doing innovative, impactful and relevant research from accounting to marketing to ethics

Bentley Personality

Our brand personality is a set of characteristics that describe who we are and that are universal to Bentley. You should convey them in the voice, tone and content of all your communications.

We are:

  • Bold, not buttoned down
  • Optimistic and forward thinking
  • Approachable to all
  • Straightforward and honest
  • Direct through singularly focused messages


Each audience connects with our brand differently. It is important that you provide each with the information they are seeking, while remaining closely aligned with our brand positioning and pillars.

Below are our key audiences, along with examples of how our messaging is adapted to meet their needs while remaining clearly within the larger Bentley brand.

High School Students

Message: Business is recognized as a core part of an education now and in the future. Bentley will prepare you to get a great job, pursue a cool career, and provide you with a unique connected campus experience you won’t get elsewhere.


Message: Bentley will prepare your child with the core set of skills required to get a great job and teach them how to think so they enjoy a fulfilling life and career.

Guidance Counselors

Message: Bentley offers an integrated curriculum that combines a strong business core with a selection of arts and sciences courses that provide students with a core set of skills that will enable them to get a job and be critical thinkers.

Graduate Prospects

Message: Bentley’s MBA, MS and PhD programs are gaining recognition. Our new 11-month MBA is innovative and our unique MS programs teach skills that are in high demand, from information design to marketing analytics to taxation.

Corporate Partners

Message: Bentley students are not only highly skilled and can hit the ground running, but they also are critical, adaptive thinkers who can become future leaders in your organization.


Message: Bentley is on the rise with our unique, integrated curriculum and growing research efforts.

Alumni and Donors

Message: We want you to be proud to be involved with Bentley. The value of your degree or philanthropy will continue to grow. We are on the move and are actively demonstrating that we are an innovator and a great value in higher education.