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Official Logo

A logo graphically represents the brand identity. It conveys the values that anchor the brand, encouraging both intellectual and visceral responses.

Our Bentley logo incorporates a tribute to Bentley’s proud past and proclaims our brand character, summarized in the word “Prepared,” which stands at the summit of the branding pyramid. The logo is the primary element of the Bentley graphic identity system and must appear on all Bentley communications. It may not be modified in any way.

The newly developed shield and the corresponding logotype are complementary in their look and feel, and whether presented in “lock up” or independently, convey a sense of institutional heritage, along with a soaring future ambition.

Correct application of the Bentley logo strengthens the Bentley brand. Use of the Bentley logo and any of the brand's defining elements is restricted to communications that represent Bentley University. It should always be used with reverence to what it represents, and never in an irreverent, playful, or disrespectful way.