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We have created the following guidelines to address questions and requests from website managers across campus. Please contact us with any questions.


Subdomains (ie. negatively affect site performance and maintenance for a few reasons:

  • Bentley subdomains are set up as redirects. All subdomains redirect to a URL
    which is the actual location where the page resides within the domain.
  • Redirects affect site performance. We have dozens of subdomains and all of these redirects have a negative impact on server performance.
  • Redirects require additional maintenance support: Redirects require additional support & maintenance from both Digital Engagement developers and Network & Services employees who support DNS servers.

As such, effective January 31, 2014, Digital Engagement will sunset existing subdomains; web site manager are asked to use absolute URLs (ie. in all printed promotional materials moving forward. 

Third-Party Tracking Code

We are often asked to place third-party tracking code on pages and will support the request provided it meets these requirements:

  • The third-party platform will be paid for and actively managed as part of a marketing campaign by requestor for at least 3 months and will reside on a page(s) that generates at least 1,000 pageviews/month to support statistical analyis of data generated
  • The third-party code does not interfere with any existing tracking code on the page(s) (ie, Google Analytics, etc.) nor does it negatively impact server, site or page load performance in any way