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Roles and Responsibilities

The domain includes 80+ individual department, office, center and program websites. Each of these sites must have at least one person identified to fulfill each of the roles below. In some cases, individuals may take on one or more of these roles for multiple sites.


Pagemasters are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of their website. Their responsibilities are:

  1. Ensuring all content, including text, photo, videos and PDFs, whether posted themselves or with the assistance of other staffers and/or student workers, is in accordance with the governance guidelines and the Bentley Computing and Network Policy.
  2. Creating content at the direction of, or in collaboration with, the department’s content owner.
  3. Completing and remaining up-to-date on Drupal training.

Each department must have a year-round staff member (full or part-time) identified and trained as the primary pagemaster. Student workers, whether undergraduate, graduate or PhD, may support the pagemaster after they have completed Drupal training offered by Digital Engagement. Students may make regular, day-to-day content changes under the supervision of the pagemaster.

Content Owners

Content owners have ultimate responsibility for the accuracy of the content on their site. Their responsibilities are:

  1. Creating original content and/or collaborating with the pagemaster to do so.
  2. Identifying a primary and secondary pagemaster for their department.
  3. Requesting permission changes for pagemasters (both granting and terminating access).
  4. Ensuring pagemasters complete and remain up-to-date with Drupal training.  

Deans, Senior Directors and Vice Presidents

Deans, senior directors and vice presidents are responsible for:

  1. Guiding the overall strategic direction of their department’s positioning and messaging.
  2. Overseeing the content owners and pagemasters within their department and ensuring they are in compliance with governance guidelines.