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What happens if I do not run the LBC utility?

If you have Windows 7 installed on your notebook, it will stop running soon after leaving Bentley. Part of the LBC process is to convert your current license to one that will allow you uninterrupted use of Windows 7 after you leave Bentley. In addition, you no longer have legal rights to run Sophos on your notebook. LBC will remove Sophos and provide a link to free alternatives for virus and malware protection.

What happens if I have problems with my notebook after leaving Bentley?

You must contact HP for warranty and damage issues. The Mobile Computing Program supports registered, undergraduate students.  Once you graduate you are no longer a registered, undergraduate student. Please visit the notebook manufacturer’s website for support information.

I plan on continuing to take classes at Bentley, in Graduate school, should I run the LBC utility?

Yes. The Mobile Computing Program only supports registered, undergraduate students. As a graduate student you are not eligible for the full range of services offered through the program, therefore you must run the LBC utility.

What if I have Bentley licensed software on other computers besides my notebook?

The LBC utility removes or changes Bentley licensed software. If you run the utility to completion, your software licenses will be in compliance. Sophos, the antivirus software license becomes invalid after you graduate from Bentley and must be removed via the LBC process prior to graduation.

What will happen to my Blackboard account when I leave Bentley?

Your Blackboard account is deleted when your Bentley Network Account is deleted on April 1, 2018.

What happens when my notebook is unjoined from the Bentley network?

Unjoining your notebook from the Bentley network is the final step in removing "Bentley" from your notebook. During this process a local administrator account and desktop shortcuts are created. A confirmation email is sent to your Bentley email address with your local administrator password. Please note: If you forget your local account password the Computing Services Desk cannot reset this password. It is important that you keep your local account password email for your records.

When your new local administrator account is created, files from your network account, such as desktop files, IE favorites, etc. are placed in folders. To easily access this data we've created four shortcuts on the desktop named “Shortcut to Desktop,” “Shortcut to IE Favorites,”  “Shortcut to My Documents”, and "Shortcut to Music".

Once you run the LBC utility, you will no longer have access to the M: drive from your notebook. You may still access you M: drive from public computers throughout campus until April 1, 2018. We recommend that you move your M: drive data before completing the LBC.