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Mobile Computing Program

Bentley University’s Mobile Computing Program (MCP), one of the first in the country, is entering its 33rd year and provides a business class state-of-the-art notebook computer to all full-time undergraduate students.

Having students using the same computer provides a number of benefits: 

  • Uniformity in the classroom – Professors can prepare lesson plans knowing all students have the required software
  • Reliable technical support – Help is always available 
  • Technology baseline – All students have a level playing field with more than enough computing power to be successful in their studies
  • Placing a mobile computer in the hands of every student ensures Bentley graduates are technically savvy entering the business world

The Bentley MCP was developed and continues to be refined with input from students. Each spring an annual survey is sent out to MCP students asking for feedback on the current program and what they would like to see implemented in the future. In addition, the Director of Client Services meets bi-weekly with the Student Government Association's Vice President for IT to continue the conversation between students and Bentley Administration. Service Guidelines and Restrictions.

There are three phases that comprise the MCP:

  1. Orientation and Campus Welcome: During Orientation and Campus Welcome, all incoming freshmen and new transfer students receive their notebook computer. Learn more.
  2. Junior Swap: Eligible students return their two year old notebook computer for the latest in business-class notebook technology. The "swap" concept was presented to Bentley Administration by the Student Government Association. Learn more.
  3. Leaving Bentley Checkout (LBC): As part of the final stage, seniors graduating from Bentley run through the Leaving Bentley Checkout Process prior to graduation to ensure the notebook they leave with is ready for a non-Bentley environment. Learn more.