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Post-Graduation Software Support

Many applications including Microsoft Office are legally licensed to remain on your notebook. Microsoft Sophos Antivirus software is an exception to this rule and must be removed prior to leaving Bentley. Running the LBC utility will remove Sophos and provide a link to Microsoft Security Essentials, a free utility from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office and Windows

As a Bentley graduate, you receive a license for all Microsoft products that were provided to you as part of the Mobile Computing Program, but you must purchase installation media prior to graduation in the event you need to reinstall these applications after you leave Bentley. See below for additional information on purchasing Microsoft media before you graduate.

Anti-Virus Software Protection

MS Security Essentials As a Bentley graduate, you will no longer have a license to run Sophos Anti-Virus software; as a result, you will no longer receive virus definition updates. It is recommended that you install an antivirus program to protect yourself against viruses. Microsoft Security Essentials download.

Purchasing Microsoft Media Before Graduation

As a Bentley graduate, Bentley's Microsoft Campus Agreement allows you to continue to use both Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows on your notebook once you graduate; however, under this agreement, Bentley is not permitted to reinstall Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows on your notebook once you graduate. In the event of hard drive failure, you will need your own personal set of installation discs to reinstall Microsoft Office and/or Microsoft Windows. These software packages can be purchased prior to graduation through OnTheHub, Bentley's online software center. Expect to receive an automated message to be emailed to you on or after May 3, 2017 with information on how to log in to OnTheHub. If you forget your password, go to, click the 'Log In' button and then click the 'Forgot Password?' link.

The following software packages are available for purchase:

  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Education

It is strongly recommended that you purchase these software packages before you graduate as the cost is significantly less than the full retail price.

Post-Graduation Software Support

Client Services does not offer post-graduation software support. If you need software support after graduation, you should contact the vendor of the software application for which you need assistance.