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Standard Configuration

The 2014-2015 Standard Computer Configuration

A computer configuration is the combination of a computer's operating system and software applications. At Bentley, the configuration currently being deployed is referred to as the "Bentley Standard Computer Configuration."  For the academic year 2014-2015, the following operating system and software applications have been deployed on new desktops and notebooks.

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise is the current operating system for faculty, staff and students. Windows 7 offers numerous features including a robust search, ability to snap windows into place, and capture screen shots quickly using the snipping tool. Windows 7 Quick Reference.


Sophos, our anti-virus security suite, works to protect your computer against viruses by detecting and disabling them before they can cause damage. In addition to viruses, Sophos protects against worms, adware and much more!

Microsoft Office 2010 Enterprise SP1

Microsoft Office includes:

Access 2010 Excel 2010 Info Path 2010 OneNote 2010
Outlook 2010 Powerpoint 2010 Publisher 2010 Word 2010

Internet Explorer 9

IE9 includes a number of new features that can be used to enhance your online experience. Visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Features page to learn more about Improvements, search suggestions and much more!

Foxit Enterprise PDF Reader

Foxit has replaced Adobe Reader to better secure the desktop from the vulnerabilities within Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader can be downloaded and installed on an individual basis, if needed.


FileZilla is an open source FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application used to transfer files between computers on a network including a personal computer to a server.

Microsoft Expression Web 3 - faculty and student only

As part of a Microsoft Educational Grant, faculty and students are provided with Microsoft Expression Web for academic purposes. This application allows users to create web sites for class projects and student organization web sites. A shortcut on the desktop is provided for you to install this application.

MyBackup - faculty and staff only

MyBackup is an application that automatically backs up important documents to a network server. To learn more about MyBackup please contact the Computing Services Desk.

Falcon Print Drivers - student only

Bentley students can print from anywhere on campus using the Falcon Print or Falcon Color Print drivers installed on Bentley supported computers. Learn more.