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Convenience Copy Program

The Convenience Copy Program comprises a network of digital copiers located throughout the university campus for use by all faculty and staff on a walk-up basis. These copiers should be used as a primary source for all general copy requirements.

The capabilities of the Convenience Copiers are not limitless, however, and the following guidelines should be taken into consideration.

Guidelines for using Convenience Copiers:

  • Use for all black and white copy work not exceeding 500 total copies or 15 minutes.
  • Get to know the features each machine offers. Aside from producing the highest quality digital copies, most machines are capable of sorting, stapling, two-sided copying, transparencies, and many provide a host of image editing features. If a copy job requires color, bond or other specialty paper, convenience copiers can be used. However, the paper must be supplied and loaded into the paper trays by the user.   Also, remember to remove any unused specialty paper from the tray.
  • To report a machine malfunction or service need, please call 781-891-2571 or email information to Please be sure to specify machine location (building and room number), machine ID, and nature of the problem. Calls are monitored throughout the day and a service technician is on campus each afternoon. For further assistance, please contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services at 781-891-3456.