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MBA Concentration in Risk Management

Business risks may arise from either internal or external influences and may be more or less under the control of the organization. For example, an unscrupulous employee may embezzle company funds or an IT project may be significantly delayed, causing massive budget overruns. As most business processes involve personal information (of employees and customers), most, if not all, organizations face privacy and security risks. While nothing we do is risk-free, these problems are more likely to occur where there is a lack of management awareness and/or control of the potential risks associated with a particular type of business. Further, risks, if not managed create an exposure for the firm. A concentration in risk management focuses on safeguarding against these types of risks and on the associated ethical and governance issues that are key to successful risk management. Tracks are available in three areas of risk management: enterprise risk management; security, privacy and regulation; IT/IS risk management.

Required Courses (1):


AC 766 Risk and Performance Measurement

Elective Courses (any 3 of the following depending on area of interest):


Enterprise Risk Management


FI 710 Enterprise Risk Management
IPM 723 Computer Security, Controls and Ethics
ETH 750 Managing Ethics in Organizations
AC 744 Internal Auditing
FI 685 Financial Strategy


Security, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance


IPM 722 Information Privacy: Policy & Strategy
IPM 723 Information Security, Controls and Ethics


And one of the following:


ETH 700 Ethical Issues in Corporate Life
ETH 750 Managing Ethics in Corporations
LA 720 Law and Ethics
LA 725 Cyberlaw
AC 742 IT Auditing



IT/IS Risk Management


CS 605 Data Management and Systems Modeling
CS 620 Global IT Project Management
CS/IPM 801 IT Policy and Management
CS 610 Enterprise Architecture
CS 607 Technology Infrastructure of Information Systems
IPM 722 Information Privacy: Policy & Strategy
IPM 723 Information Security, Controls and Ethics
AC 742 IT Auditing