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Selected publications by our faculty in risk management (2000-2005):

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Abdonlmohammadi, Mohamad and Read, William. "Are Audit Opinion Modifications Associated with Future Financial Restatements?" forthcoming in the Journal of Forensic Accounting

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Crisis Communication

Simon Moore, Mike Seymour. Global Technology and Corporate Crisis. , Routledge, London , 2005.

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Information Systems and Control

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Performance Measures

Usoff, Catherine A., Thibodeau, Jay C., Burnaby , Priscilla A. "The Importance of Intellectual Capital and Its Effects on Performance Measurement Systems: An Empirical Observation," Managerial Auditing Journal , vol. 17 No. 1/2, 9-15, 2002.


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Financial Risk and Management

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Risk Perception

Schwarzkopf, David L. "A role for multiple stakeholder perspectives in the perception of business risks," in Accounting, Behavior & Organizations Research Conference , October 2003.

Information Security and Privacy

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Project Management

Davis, Mark M., Heineke, Janelle. Operations Management: Integrating Manufacturing and Services, 5th edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, Burr Ridge , IL , 2005.

Davis, Mark M., Heineke, Janelle. Service Operations Management: Adding Value Through Technology, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, Burr RIdge , IL , 2003.