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Chart of Accounts

General Expenses


Account Code


70001Office Supplies
70002Computer Supplies
70003Computer Supplies-Student Support
70004Books and Subscriptions
70005Education/Science Supplies
70006Athletic Supplies
70007Furniture/ Equipment
70008Medical Supplies
70009Audio/Visual Supplies
70010Print Shop Supplies
70012Store Supplies
70013Trade Supplies
70014Custodial Supplies
70015Grounds Supplies
70016Bentley Fuel (Gas)
70017Res Prog Supplies
70018Faculty Evaluation Forms
70019Xerox Supplies
70020Safety Shoes and Uniforms
70021Police Equipment
70022Safety Glasses
70023Trade Supplies < $3
70024Freight and Discount on Inventory
70025Duplicating Supplies
70026Convenience Copy Supplies
70027Bentley Bookstore
70028Nursery Supplies
70029Prizes and Awards
70030Purchasing Card
70040 Purchase - Books
70041Library Purchase — Serials
70042Library Purchase — Periodicals
70043Library Purchase — Video
70101Goods Acquired for Resale
70102Software —CAP Students
70103Software - Exchange Students
70104Hardware - Exchange Students
70105Hardware - CAP Students
70106Hardware - Microcomputers
70107Hardware - MAC SE30 1/40
70108Hardware - MAC Portable
70109Hardware-MAC llcx 1/40
70110Hardware - Packard Bell VGA
70112Hardware-MAC Classic
70113Hardware-MAC LC 2/40
70115Laser Printing Supplies
70116General Supplies-CRC
70117Hardware-DEC Computer
70118Apple Parts-New
70119Repair Parts-IBM
70120Info Desk Movie Tickets
701211917 Club Cost of Goods Sold
70199CGS Food Service Supplies — 1917 C
70201Literature - Advertising and Promotion
70202Media - Advertising and Promotion
70203Catalogues - Advertising and Promotion
70204Student Search - Advertising and Promotion
70205Employee - Advertising and Promotion
70206Photography - Advertising and Promotion
70299Other - Advertising and Promotion
70302Search Firms
70303Guest Speakers
70307Participant Support
70308Instruction Services
70312Mail House Postage
70321On Line Reference
70322Technical Computing
70323External Library Services
70324Software Licenses
70325Satellite and Programming Licenses
70330Outside Printing Service
70340Mail House
70350Bank Charges
70360Licenses and Permits
70361Copyright Services and Fees
70370Service Bureaus
70380Dues and Memberships
70390Medical Services
70395Entertainment Services
70399Other Purchased Services
70410L and R - Office Equipment
70411L and R - Copiers
70412L and R - Telephone Trunk
70413L and R - Other Equipment
70420L and R - Printers
70421L and R - HP Micros
70422L and R - HP Vectras
70423L and R - Computer
70424L and R Vectra Clearing Account
70430L and R - Films
70431L and R - Vehicles/Transportation
70432L and R - Athletic Facilities
70433Linen Rentals
70499L and R - Miscellaneous
70501Package Insurance Policy
70502Umbrella Insurance Policy
70503EDP Insurance Policy
70504Auto Insurance Policy
70505Fiduciary Insurance Policy
70506Health Services Insurance
70507Retention-Uninsured Expenses
70599Other Insurance
70603Loan Authority Expense
70701Fellowship Expenses
70702Other Research Expenses
70703Faculty Grant
70803Gas (Heating)
70805Long Distance - Telephone
70806Message Units - Telephone
70807Other Equipment - Telephone
70808Telephone Reimbursement
70809Watts Line-Telephone Expense
70810Resident Assist - Telephone
70811Internet/Cable Service Fees
70911Maintenance Contracts-Computers
70912Repairs - Computer Equipment
70921Maintenance Contracts-Other Equipment
70922Repairs - Other Equipment
70931Repair and Maintenance-Vehicles
70971Rubbish Removal
70972Snow Removal
70973Pest Control
70974Physical Plant-Peak Needs Repair
70976Corrective Repairs
70978Preventative Maintenance Contracts
70979Contractor Services
70981Trades-Prof Contractor/Departments
70982Trades Contractors-Alterations
70983Operating-not Capital Projects
70999WO Reimbursement From Other Funds
72010Conf/Meet Air Transportation
72011Conf/Meet Ground Transportation
72014Conf/Meet Lodging
72015Conference/Meet Travel Expense
72016Conf/Meet Meals
72017Study Abroad - Students
72018Per Diem Expenses (Grants)
72019Conf/Meet Miscellaneous
72115Recruiting Travel Expense
72215Team Games Travel Expense
72315Fund Raising Travel Expense
72401Mileage Reimbursement
72501Internal Catering
72502C.A.S.E. Catering
72503Catering for Events
72504Summer Board
72521Meal Plans
72551Business Meals
72552Coffee Supplies
72553Other Misc Dining Services
72554Meal Allowance-Union
72611Host International Guest Ground Trans
72614Host International Guest Lodging
72615Host International Guest Travel Expenses
72701Life Income Distribution
72801College Bad Debt
72802Collection Agency
72803AMS Collection Activity
72804AMS Non-cash Collection Activity
72805AMS Other Costs
72806Perkins Principal Write-offs
72817Law Enforcement
72819Child/Family/Early Intervention
72820Nurse/Medical Technician Services
72902Indirect Costs
72903Inventory Damage, Obs, Shrinkage
72904Capital Purchase Reimbursement
72906Miscellaneous Contributions
72907Sexual Orientation Action Team
72908Bentley Business Bowl
72909IBM Fly In
72910Fund Support
72911Creative Writing Forum
72912Alternative Break
72999Miscellaneous Expenditures Prior Year
73002Australia Programs Expense
73003Brussels Programs Expense
73004Argentina Programs Expense
73005Italy Programs Expense
73006Mexico Programs Expense
73007Spain Programs Expense
73008France Programs Expense
73009Embedded Programs(Spring Break)
73010Graduate Study Tours
73011England Programs Expense
73012Sydney Programs Expense
73013Ireland Programs Expense
73014Budapest Programs Expense
73015Vienna Program Expense
73016Hong Kong Program Expense
73017Denmark Program Expense
73018Cairo Program Expense
73051Summer Abroad England
73052Summer Abroad Australia
73054Summer Abroad Argentina
73055Summer Abroad Italy
73056Summer Abroad Mexico
73057Summer Abroad Spain
73058Summer Abroad France
73063Summer Abroad Ireland
73065Summer Abroad Vienna
73067Summer Abroad Denmark
73069Summer Abroad Cairo
73101Furniture and Equipment-Depr Expense
73102Buildings-Depreciation Expense
73103Library Books-Depreciation Expense
73104Fiber Optics-Depreciation
73105Building Rehab-Depreciation
73106Building Repair and Renovation-Deprec
73107Computers and Software Depreciation
73199Amoritization Exp - Bond Discount
73203Tournament-Food Services
73204Tournament-Professional Services
73206Tournament - Sponsor Distribution